Events of the Day

I woke up today with a few things on my mind…
1-I had a houseful of kiddos coming.  It was a no school day and I always have extras on those days
2-Karl was likely going to gone.  He had plans to visit friends for a the day
3-Carver was going to get a second set of tubes in his ears.

I noticed that Karl was home.  He didn’t go from his second shift job straight to his friends house as planned.  He was up shortly after me and went on to tell the story of why.

A deer ran into his car on the way home.  See the big dent in his door?

Check out the fur in the headlight.

Furn near the side mirror…..

Most amazing was that the deer shattered the glass window of the driver’s side.  As Karl was driving the deer ran into the side of his car.  He said he turned his head to look and all he could see was deer and that’s then the glass from the window poured in on him.

Ugh…poor guy.  Since he started his job in mid January he has hit TWO deer and one night there was a herd of cattle out on the road.  UGH.  That’s in only 10 weeks time!!!  The fix is just over $500 and it’s an old car so he didn’t have collision insurance.  UGH.

That’s the Karl story…now the Carver story….

Little Mr. Attitude went in early to the hospital.  He was the first morning appointment.

He did cheer up….That little ham!….check him out playing peek a boo….

He only wanted Mommy after surgery.

He was heading home by 9am.  They stopped by to see me and he was HUNGRY and his normal self.  I told him he needed to take TWO naps today…hopefully he does as his mommy was pretty pooped too.

….and now the childcare report…

Even though I had a full house, the day went great!  I had some activities planned for the kids….a painting project, some Easter coloring pages and even eggs to dye….but alas.  We did none of that.  No cute little Easter projects are going home with the kids.

I got a project out and was ready to call them to come and this is what I found….a HUGE blanket house.  I left the project out thinking I’ll let this “house playing” run it’s course and then when they start arguing, I’d have them do the activity.  Well they NEVER argued.  They got along the entire time.

The big kids let the little ones play and the little ones didn’t tear down the “house”.  I’ve never had house playing go so smoothly…not even with my own kids.  I am a true believer in having activities be guided by the kids and their interests and I’m also a true believer in that children need more time to play and less structured time…so today they played in the blanket house.

I’m writing this at nap time.  Who knows…maybe we’ll get to one of the activities after nap time.

So…that was my Friday so far.  Tonight we have church and I’m going to try to talk Hubby into going out to eat either tonight or tomorrow night.  Monday I start my diet for my upcoming testing for my cancer recheck.

7 thoughts on “Events of the Day”

  1. I thought an incident with a deer was usually covered under comprehensive insurance, rather than collision. At least that’s the way it is in KY. You might check with your insurance company just to be sure.

  2. So glad Karl is OK! The car can be fixed, people are harder.
    Carver is just the cutest little boy but I bet he can be a handful! Lives up to his red hair.
    I agree with you about kids needing unstructured playtime. That’s where creativity comes from!

  3. SO glad that Karl is okay, deer can be dangerous and the car can be replaced or fixed. Carver just makes me smile, but every child need his mom during his life and his is wonderful! hope the week gets better for your family.

  4. I love your childcare stories! They always warm my heart because, Jo, you are so good!! You are so right about what things are most important. When you get old, I bet all these children will still be in touch with you and you will learn just what a big impact you had on their lives…..I am sure it will be in so many ways that you never considered. You and your family are priceless. I hope Carver’s tubes are successful and do what they need to do. And so glad Karl is safe!! Wow….I know $500 is a lot of money, but when you consider what happened, it’s not not much because he could have been killed! I hope you get lots of special meals/food this weekend before you have to start that strict diet again. You will have a lot of people praying for you! Happy Easter!!

  5. Sorry about the deer hitting the car and the car dents but those pictures of CARVER!! totally the bomb. I keep going back and looking again. Totally adorable.

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