Estate Sale UPDATE and a Life Update too!!

I told you all about a quilting garage sale earlier this week…the one with 5 Featherweights….It is actually in PEOSTA.  That’s 10 minutes WEST OF DUBUQUE.  Originally I thought it was in Dubuque.

Here is the address:
Where: Seton Catholic School – 7597 Burds Rd, Peosta, IA (10 minutes west of Dubuque – from hwy 20, turn North on Cox Springs Rd, keep going straight and the school will be on your left at the top of the hill)

This flyer was passed on to me.

It tells all about the items for sale as well as the Featherweight machines and other items for sale.  There are items GALORE!!  Over 100 kits…over 50 pieces of cut fabric from 3-50 yards on each piece…over 200 patterns and books.  I am sure there are lots of other things not listed on the flier.

To view the complete flier click this LINK.  If you note on the flyer you can see their contact email is .  Please email them if you have questions.

Someone suggested I buy all the machines, fix them and resell them….nope.  Not me.  I like to take things that are junked or scrapped and then make them into something nice.  That’s what I did with these mirrors and the chair.  I did forget a before picture on the chair…You wouldn’t believe the difference!!

I’m so sad I’m missing the sale.  I so wish I could go but I’ll be at The Market at White Barns.  (Click on the link to find our info on the Market) It’s a an hour and half drive from the Estate Sale to the Market.  It would make a GREAT road trip.  Pack up the girls and head my way!!  Kalissa and I stopped last night to check out our space….Oh my, we’re so excited!!

We have the tent up…our space is market so we know how much to bring.

We had to bring Carver with so had Neighbor Girl tag along too so she could keep him busy while we were busy.  The two of them are so in love.  This is how they two of them are all the time.  He thinks the world of her…as we all do!  She’s such a natural helper.

We scrambled home after that.  Kalissa was trying really hard to get another project finished…and then this happened.  She spilled an entire gallon of white paint on our garage floor.  This was taken after it was cleaned up!

If you come to The Market at White Barns…PLEASE stop and say Hi!  Introduce yourself as I surely won’t recognize you but you will likely recognize me.  If you go to the sale, send me a picture!!  I’d love to see the excitement….oh, if only I could be in two places at once!!

2 thoughts on “Estate Sale UPDATE and a Life Update too!!”

  1. I noticed that white dresser under the tent. Is that the french series from the 70’s? My grandmother had that set and when she passed I was given it. I have the long dresser, the tall dresser and the night stand. I just bought my parent’s house and I am looking to sell the set. I think I may even have a twin headboard that matches. I am near Madison WI if you are interested in any of it. Best of luck with your sale!

  2. Hope your sale goes well and that you don’t have to bring it all home with you. Lets hope there is no rain, you will have a much better turn out.

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