Errand Day and Thrifty Finds

I recently was out doing errands. I was in the itch to plant my containers mood and headed out to the nursery with plans to stop at the thrift store, the grocery store, and the quilt shop too.

The quilt shop was an easy stop. I was just looking to get some interfacing for finishing some cross-stitch pillows. I was really good and only bought the interfacing. YAHOO!! There were a few tempting things but I’m on a mission to use what I have. While there I saw this…

See the book 75 Fun Fat Quarter Quilts?? Well, Kelli and I have published quilts in that book. It’s always fun to see publications we are in when I’m out and about. You can read more about the book HERE. Or you can buy it HERE. I think the Kindle version is only $2.99.

Anyway…back to…

my errand day.

I went to the farm store and got some potting soil for my planters. I didn’t even look at the plants as I typically get them at the nursery.

Then I went to the thrift store, the grocery store, and to the nursery.

I have been wanting some clematis’. I have four trellis’ on the house. Two are in the back of the house and two on the south of the house. I have long grown morning glories there. I love morning glories but they have gotten to be invasive and hard to manage. In the fall I would pull them out and put them on my vegetable garden and burn them. Much to my frustration, the seeds ended up sprouting in the spring of the next year and invaded my vegetable garden. UGH.

Last year I ended up pulling them all out in the late summer and decided I would plant clematis’ instead. No more morning glories for me. If I had a better spot I would keep them but I just can’t. There were no clematis’ left so my mission this spring was to get four plants.

I was in a little sticker shock at the nursery when they were $25 each. I somehow thought they would be priced in like with perennial flowers more like $15 each. They really didn’t have colors I was interested in. I ended up going to back the farm store to see if they had any clematis’. It just so happens they did and they had several choices of colors. Also, they were on sale for $17 each. That’s still more than I expected but cheaper than the $25 each.

I ended up with 2 pink and white and two fushia. I’m very pleased with what I found.

After that, I headed home…I could end the story right here but now instead I’m going to tell you about my GREAT finds at the thrift store. I bought some frames to finish cross-stitch pieces.

I’m not sure what I’ll put in these oval cuties but I liked the frames and can see stitching something for them.

I loved this frame. The detail was great!

I also picked up these two frames.

The detail on the small of the two is great too. I can totally see myself using all of the frames I found. I can’t remember for sure but I think it was $10.50 for all the frames together…the two small ovals and the three bigger frames.

I did note that the bigger frame has a ding on it but I didn’t worry about that too much. I could either fix it or when I cut it down to fit my piece, I could avoid the ding.

As I was putting the largest frame into the car I looked and noticed this…

The frame had a Hobby Lobby stitcher on it and it was originally $159!! What?

Then I looked and it had a clearance sticker for $15.98. I’m sure it was cleared out because of the ding.

I paid $2 at the thrift store.

I really loved the frame and it’s totally something I would have picked out at Hobby Lobby.

Here is the ding…I know many people might be turned off by it…not me.

I grabbed my Rub and Buff in black and put some on the ding. Then I pulled out my Dark Oak Restor-a-Finish and got busy.

You can find Restor-a-Finish HERE. You can find Rub and Buff HERE.

Here is my spruced-up frame.

I am SUPER happy with it. I have a $159 frame for $2. Yes, there’s a fixed ding but I think it looks great!

Better yet, remember I was debating my cross-stitch UFOs and about what cross-stitch piece to pick up next. I think I might have solved my problem.

Remember my Consider the Lillies piece? It’s REALLY large.

The piece is 435 stitches by 363 stitches. The original is stitched on 28-count linen making it 31 x 26″. If I stitch it on 40-count which I am, it’s 22 x 18″.

The fixed-up frame is 19 1/2″ x 23 1/2″. IT’S PERFECT!! Absolutely perfect.

I have to admit one of my fears in stitching this was paying for the framing. I’m not worried about that anymore. YAHOO! This will totally be affordable with my $2 frame. Doing the happy dance here!!

So…I guess that means that this girl, Consider the Lillies, is moving up in the ranks. I think I’ll start just stitching on it on Sundays…or one day a week. She’s a big girl and it will take forever, BUT…I HAVE A FRAME!!

That was my errand day…and thrift day. It was a great thrifty day! It’s little things like this that keep me thrifting.

15 thoughts on “Errand Day and Thrifty Finds”

  1. You got some great frames! Do you think the $159 frame from HL may have had a print in it? If not, wow, that was an expensive frame. Great buy for you! The quilt book is a real bargain, too!

  2. Jo – you are the luckiest thrift store shopper EVER!! That large frame is a steal!

    I’m also going to do Consider the Lilies and His Eye is on the Sparrow. I want to put my granddaughters’ initials on the Lilies one and my grandsons’ initials on the Sparrow one. Big ambition – huh!!! I’d better get started soon so I can get those done in my lifetime!! Need to decide what linen to use. What have you picked out?

  3. Judith Fairchild

    What a happy shopping trip. Finding what you need to display your work in exactly the right size is a real blessing. Enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!

  4. I’m looking for a frame for my Christmas Garden which made me think your gold frame might be a good size for that one! I wish I could get to thrift store more often but it’s a 20-30 minute drive and I don’t like to stop when my husband is with me – he has no patience!

  5. Wood molding is also an inexpensive way to make frames. With all the stains, paint techniques, etc., it would probably be easy to make them look old. I love the ones you bought, especially the small ovals.

  6. If I were the “seething” type, I’d be super jealous of your frame finds! No such thing in the NorthWest. Congrats on your $10 bill shopping spree

    Oh I hope you enjoy the Clematis. So fun to watch climb, grow, spread. I hope you have a terrific week Jo!

  7. Some great finds at the thrift store – good for you!
    My daughter in love often goes to Lowes and picks up plants that are looking less than heathy for a great price and almost always brings them back – such a green thumb.
    And you’re right – plants are so expensive these days!
    Love and prayers

  8. The “repaired” frame looks great! Kinda funny that no one else saw the opportunity to just age the ding on the frame. The frame was made to look aged with marks in the wood and that’s probably one reason why it was originally so costly. The ding just became one more aging mark that you blended right in. Win-win. It’s beautiful!

  9. You are the best thrift shopper ever!! I need to order some of that wood repair stuff. I have an island in my kitchen and the drawers take a beating from our jeans when we push the drawer closed with or leg?? Not sure if that’s what we do or what but they need a redo.
    Have fun!

  10. Wow! Great find with the frames! And then to have it fit your next big project – super special! I so want to stitch Consider the Lilies but need to gain a little more experience before picking a linen. I’m still learning my ‘linen sense’ – I’ve found a few ‘sweet spots’ for me and also those that are either too loose or too tight for me. Once I see your stitching, I’ll probably have to jump in too!

  11. Great find on the frames and thank you for sharing how to fix the nick on the one. I love that idea and will order some stuff.

  12. Karen in Ohio

    Great information on restoring the frame. I like all of them and I am glad you got such great prices! I am going to check out your products that you used. Thank you!

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