Epic Fail: Hard “Baked” Eggs

When Hubby was reading my Facebook feed, he saw that someone had posted an idea about “baking” hard boiled eggs.  The chickens have been laying like crazy and we have LOTS and LOTS of eggs.  I thought I would give the recipe a try.

I put them in a cupcake pan as suggested.  I baked them for the suggested time.

They looked like this when they came out of the oven.

The recipe said it was normal.  I put them in cold water and peeled them….

NOPE.  It was not a success.

The eggs didn’t peel and they had brown spots in the yolk.

It’s always a challenge to hard boil fresh eggs…but, of all the ways I have tried…this was the worst.  It might work for store bought eggs. Has anyone else tried it??

17 thoughts on “Epic Fail: Hard “Baked” Eggs”

  1. I have never even heard of baking eggs this way…. I use my rice cooker and steam my eggs…. works great! Thanks for trying this out for us though!

  2. Put eggs in a pan. Cover with cold water. Heat to boiling. Cover, shut off burner, set timer for 20 minutes. Drain and cool with cold water and ice. Peel like a dream. I wondered how the baked ones would be. Thanks for the test results.

  3. I have used this way several times with success. I let cool when I take from oven and yes they looked like your but they peeled easily. There were a couple brown spot on the whites but the yolks were fine. I’ll keep using this way. I do use store eggs not fresh.

  4. I have never heard of baking eggs. But I have a suggestion for using them. Just yesterday I got a sample allrecipies magazine in the mail and I found an interesting recipe for Swedish Butter Cookies that uses hard boiled eggs to make them. I had never heard of anything like this before either. Sounds like a great way to use up left over Easter eggs. Let me know if you would like the recipe and I will send.

  5. I have tried this method several times. I take from oven le cool and then peel, never into cold water. Have peeled easier then other ways. Yes had brown spots on a few not many on whites but yolks were fine. I’ll keep using this method. I did use store eggs not farm fresh.

  6. I have always heard that it is impossible to hard-boil fresh eggs. I always buy eggs for hardboiling a week or 2 ahead of time. LOL.
    Or use the oldest ones I have.

  7. I have never heard of baking eggs. I usually put them in cold water, bring to a boil and then shut off stove and let them sit until they are cool. Works great.

  8. I have read the best way to hard boil fresh eggs is to boil them with a bit of baking soda in the water maybe try that next time around.

  9. Someone my dad works with raises chicken. He told my dad how he & his wife did an experiment to hard boil eggs because every time he & his wife tried to hard boil them fresh the white peeled off with the shell. They find that the eggs have to sit for 3 weeks after being laid in order for the shells to peel off right. Just recently we got 3 dozen eggs from some friends & they said the same thing about waiting to boil the eggs.

  10. Never hard of baking them in the shell. I wish I lived closer, I’d love to buy some fresh eggs from you. I have also heard about the fresher eggs not peeling as well, not sure why that is.

  11. Your post missed the part of using a MINI muffin tin so the eggs are sitting on top of the hole not down in, and I have also heard you can’t hard boil fresh eggs that you have to let them sit for weeks. I have not tried it but I have friends that swear by it and I am going to try later this week.

  12. I did and I had the same problem . I asked a facebook friend and she said she had the same thing happen , so she baked them about 4 minutes less and I tried it and it worked better . I never heard about the fresh eggs don’t boil / peel , but that could be it , too . I started buying eggs from a chicken farmer .

  13. We were going to try it a couple days ago, but I had read some comments about them exploding in the oven and didn’t want to chance it. So we boiled them as usual and put them into ice water and peeled as soon as they cooled. The shells practically fell off. Then they went into a ziplock bag. I think that’s our preffered way, at least for now.

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