Enchillada Bowls from Kelli

My daughter, Kelli, likes to meal prep ahead. She is a nurse working at a hospital overnight and does the weekend package. If she cooks ahead there is something for her husband Jason to feed himself and the kids and she has something to take to work.

She recently found this recipe in a Facebook post. She decided to give it a try -only modify it so she could make more of a portion size for her family.

She cooked up the sauce and added the chicken.

While that was cooking she added rice to the bowls. The original recipe doesn’t call for rice but her family prefers enchiladas with rice.

Then she added the chicken/sauce and then black beans. The original recipe called for pinto beans but she prefers black beans.

All of this went together in the containers. She kept one out and froze the others.

Kelli has mixed this together and ate it with tortilla chips. She has been putting it in a tortilla adding cheese and heating it in the microwave. She said it’s fabulous and super tasty. She is supposed to be coming to my house on Monday. I’m hoping she has some leftovers so I can give it a try.

HERE is the link to the video where Kelli got the idea.

Kelli loves cooking ideas that she can take to work…or leave at home for Jason and the kids. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them.

3 thoughts on “Enchillada Bowls from Kelli”

  1. Thank you for the recipe – I’ve often watched these videos and they rarely give you the amounts you need – thanks for adding it! So appreciate it!
    Love and prayers

  2. Interesting–
    just a note–about every other time I try to get your blog from my e-mail–i get all the one with all the –whatever it’s called-? 10:15 at night ? the problem sure is sticking around –at least for me.

    1. helen reimers

      Please tell her these are can be used in a tortilla too. He can heat them all up at the same time. Plus tortillas are kid friendly. Plus less dishes to wash.

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