Elizabeth’s Grand Antique Company

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While on our Galena trip, we had a bit of time to spare Thursday afternoon.  We had been to a shop earlier in the morning and they had recommended stopping over in Elizabeth, but we didn’t know if we would have time, so we headed back into town.  After looking through the shops downtown, we had a bit more time to kill, so we headed over to Elizabeth to the Grand Antique Company.

What happened is that they took an old school building and turned it into an antique mall.  If you ever get over that way, you should check it out.  It’s really neat!  I thought it was really cool that they turned the gym into booths and you could see it all from the balcany above the gym.

Elizabeth Store (400x225)
As always, I found lots and lots of goodies.  Not to many came home with me, but this one did!

Pottery Chicken (400x310)
I don’t like to decorate in the traditional sense, but rather prefer to pick up little things here and there.  I don’t really like the run of the mill, mass produced decorations that you can buy about anywhere (unless it has a saying) but really have fun with the find and the story that goes with the things I find.

I found a cool quilt here too!

Elizabeth Quilt (225x400)
And this pillow that I want to try, only using fancy embroidery stitches.

Pillow (225x400)

This chair was pretty neat too!  I don’t know if I would be able to make this, but it is really neat.

Embroidered Chair (225x400)
I think that this is an antique version of punchneedle embroidery or as Jason calls it “punchy sheet.”  I really like it on the black background.  I think it makes it pop nicely!

Punchy Sheet (225x400)

I thought this was pretty neat too.  It’s just a frame with some corks filling in to act as a bulletin board.  I just so happen to have a few frames and corks laying around…along with a glue gun and a day or two off before my next class starts.  Weekend project?  I think so!

Cork Board (225x400)

You can bet if Jason and I ever take some time off again, Elizabeth, Illinois’ Grand Antique Company will likely be part of our trip…I know I convinced Mom and Dad to give it a try!



2 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Grand Antique Company”

  1. Gosh—I love all these things–thanks for the idea of the cork window—I love it and might have to have people save corks for me—-perfect even for a sewing room to hang patterns from etc…..

  2. Jerry in sealy

    got my issue of Quiltmaker yesterday!! As always several are in my destiny to complete. Strawberry sundae, yup that is on the menu.

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