Elbow Grease for the Win

I had to get my meds refilled so Gannon and I went to do that and other errands the other day.  In full disclosure:  “Errands” is a code word meaning “stop at the thrift store”.

We shopped and I came across this table.  It was $5.  There were no chairs-I already had the ones in the picture.  Just the table.  As you can see, it was looking pretty tough on the top.  There was paint, tape, goo and I think maybe fingernail polish in one spot…still $5 was cheap.

This was the worst spot…

As you all might remember, I’m not doing regular childcare anymore.  I don’t need the really big table that I had.  You might remember the one I had before…this one that had six grandkids sitting at it in this picture.

If I’m not going to do childcare, I really don’t need one this big.  As a grandma, I still want one as I have the kids here on a regular enough basis that it warrants me having a kids table.

I debated about buying the table or not but quickly decided that I would put it in the house where my old one was and I would keep the one I liked best and offer the other one to the new childcare provider in my area.

So…a drug the table into the house.  I moved it into place and gave it a good look over.  Which one did I like better??

The circle table won hands down.  So time to put some elbow grease into this table.

I started out with Goo Gone Latex Paint Clean Up and the rag.  I ended up having to add the razor blade scraper and then the scrub brush as much of the paint seeped into the divots on the table.  I sprayed a healthy dose of the Goo Gone and scrubbed the harder spots with the scrub brush.  If came right out.

I am THRILLED with how it turned out.  It looks amazing.  I never dreamed it would clean up so nicely.  It wouldn’t have been only  $5 if they could see it now.
The table is designed more for four but we can squeeze in a couple more if the grandkids are all here.  So now I’m doing the happy dance.  I am so pleased with it.  The only thing that would make me happier is if they were all a darker wood color.

It sure was worth $5 and the 15 minutes it took for me to give it a good make-over.

I’m also happy my old table can go and be helpful for the gal that’s starting up her childcare.  WHOOT-WHOOT!!  It was elbow grease for the WIN!!

14 thoughts on “Elbow Grease for the Win”

  1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I had clear coated oak cabinets in my bathroom that had really yellowed over the years. I bought “gel stain” that only required a light sanding-I didn’t have to remove all the clear coat. I then stained them darker, added new handles and it looks like a new bathroom. The brand of gel stain I used is called, Old Masters gel stain. I bought the can that is just about 16 ounces (sorry I’m from Canada and it says 473 ml). It was way too much. If they had a smaller can I would buy that. Then I put a clear coat over top the new stain.

  2. Love a round table. Yours is now beautiful and was a steal at $5! Thanks for tips on what you used. My round kitchen table had seen better days but I love it so it’s always hidden under a tablecloth. I prefer bare top with placemats so maybe I’ll try some elbow grease. Do you plan to eventually strip and stain yours to get to darker color you like?

  3. Diana in Des Moines

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! I need to hit the thrift stores more often. The ones in Des Moines are ususally VERY picked over.

    So lucky and it c;leaned up so well. Enjoy!!

  4. I must repeat, AMAZING ! You always seem to find great finds in your thrift store. You should share the before and after pics of the table with the thrift shop. I’m surprised how little time it took to clean the table. Good for you spotting a gem in the rough.

  5. That’s a great table that you brought back to life Jo. The grandkids will make many memories around it and no matter what stains they make it’s all part of being a kid!

  6. I like the contrast of the light wood table and chairs with the dark floor and cabinets! Just a lovely piece of thriftiness!

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