El` Cheapo Strikes Again….

On the painting front I am doing pretty good.  I just have one bedroom left to finish and that is happening today.  It’s a slow job and it seems I’m the gal to do it.  Thankfully I’ve had help two different times from Kalissa…and a bit from Craig.

You might remember that I had bought paint for the bedrooms way back in April.  I had no idea what color they even were.  I did know that I only had a gallon’s worth for each room though.  After painting the rest of the house I realized that I’d likely need a gallon and a half for the rooms.

Another thing I realized when I opened the can, the  paint I have picked was REALLY dark.  At the time I thought that was what I wanted but seeing it made me cringe.  That was REALLY dark.  If I were someone else I would likely have just set the paint aside and bought new but I’m a cheap skate.



So I went down to the basement and found some white paint…


I added it and stirred.


Then I held my breath and painted.


I like that much better!!

14 thoughts on “El` Cheapo Strikes Again….”

  1. This is not called “cheap”, it is called being “frugal”. We have done this so many times I have lost count and it always turns out to be something that we really like.

  2. Phyllis in Minnesota

    You can call it being cheap or frugal…………….but you can also call it designing your own paint color. Repeating the exact same color can be difficult though!!

  3. I did that with my DD room, We painted the closet first, a bright dark yellow, added the white and painted the room. Perfect! Common sense. Your color looks great with the wood work.

  4. Looks good. Gray is a “in” color these days. The only question I have is, how can you edge around the windows and woodwork with all the drywall dust still there??

  5. WE bought a green paint for our bathroom in the summer. Didn’t get around to painting the BR till almost November it was such a MINT green we were grossed out and had to go buy something else. It was GROSS! you lucked out.

  6. I would have done the same thing, but I usually ask the paint co. to put a dab of the color on the lid. That way I always know what is inside. Also did you know decorating experts on TV said this tip more than once: pick your color then go two shades LIGHTER. It seems to work for them. HIH

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