Eating the Season

Oh my word…I love food at this time of year.  Cooking is easy.  Eating is delicious.  My garden is giving me all the fresh tomatoes I want and MORE…Yum.

Kelli was over one night and Karl was here too when I made a supper for them.  It was simple…cucumber salad, sweet corn and a sub sandwich.  The perfect summer supper in my world.  I don’t like fancy food…simple home cooked regular food is my favorite…and I love gorging on the foods that are in season.

I love BLTs but am too lazy to fry up the bacon so this time of year…this is my typical lunch….toast with mayo, lettuce, tomato and ham- Black Forest ham is my favorite.  I can eat it every day for two weeks.

I think this time of year is my favorite for eating are…
Lettuce Salads
Green Beans

Oh the list goes on and on.  I love anything from the garden. I’ve been lucky and have already been eating a lot of tomatoes.  My peppers are ready too.

Tomatoes over the winter are nice but few things beat a fresh warm tomato picked from the garden.  I can so vividly remember my mom in the garden picking a ripe tomato and eating it like an apple.  I do the same thing.  The VERY same thing.

One day in the middle of doing that, I realized one of the reasons off season tomatoes don’t appeal to me…they are not warm like they are when they come from the garden.  After that, I quit refrigerating tomatoes.  I also don’t like cold salsa….I think for the very same reason.

I did a lot of debating this spring about whether I was going to plant a garden or not.  I tried a couple times but only managed to get cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and squash planted.  They got mudded in.  The rains weren’t timely for Kramer and I as we tried to get to his appointments and keep the childcare running.  So, half of my garden wasn’t planted.  Periodically Craig has tilled it for me just to keep the weeds down.

The other day Kayla mentioned planting a fall garden.  I’ve never done that.  Hmmm.  I’m thinking I’m going to give it a try.  I have all of the seeds here that never did get planted so why not?  If Craig will till it for me, I’m putting the seeds in.

Happily I’ve had neighbors and Craig’s family sharing garden goodies with me which I so appreciate.  Can you imagine that I’ve not had zucchini shared with me yet??  Bahahaha.  Kramer used to always give me a hard time about planting too much of it.  Not this year.  I didn’t plant a single plant but I might do it yet.  Stay tuned….  Maybe I can extend my garden goodness into the fall.

If any of you plant fall gardens, I’d love any advice.

12 thoughts on “Eating the Season”

  1. Peggy hendrick

    I love BLTs with tomatoes from my garden…I make my bacon in the oven…Place strips of bacon on foil covered baking in preheated 400-425 degree oven for appx 20 minutes…keep an eye on it so they don’t burn…you can start taking them out before they get too crispy and drain on paper towels if you plan on re-heating them before you make your sandwiches…I usually do two packages at once..(12 oz pckg)

  2. I think the fresh veggies we have in the summer are amazing! They just taste better this time of year!! I have said many times that I could easily be a vegetarian in the summer….
    I love fresh tomatoes with corn on the cob and green beans cooked with some new potatoes and ham added. That is my favorite summer dinner! But I also like baby lima beans, yellow squash, green peas, and cucumbers. I am getting hungry just writing this, and I have already had my dinner this evening!!
    I think you should give a fall garden a try!

  3. Claire Lonergan

    Jo I cook a pound of bacon all at once, then freeze it. When i want some for my tomato sandwiches, I just take out a few slices and give them a quick 10- 20 seconds in the microwave. The mess is made once.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Our tomatoes look good but are still green. We have enjoyed our garden this year too. I have heard that to get zuccini all you need to do is leave your door unlocked when you go somewhere. Have you tried it raw before – it is good that way – not quite like cucumber. I had a cucumber sandwich for lunch – loved it.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I don’t have a garden but people who do share their overflow with me currently I have zucchini, green beans okra and tomatoes all from the garden. Will be eating great for several days. You hit the nail on the head when you listed your favorites. It made my mouth water and I just finished supper.

  6. I love the cucumbers. I thin a spoonful of mayo with milk, add salt and pepper, and sliced cucumbers. Our tomatoes are still green but will be ripe soon with the hot weather. The bunnies ate all of our bean plants but the peppers are producing. A fall garden sounds like a great idea!

  7. Carolyn Sullivan

    I didn’t plant a garden either for similar reasons, too much rain, I had a surgery on my hand that didn’t heal like they said it would, and then DH had a knee replacement and some other complications leading to ICU, Hospital time x2 and an other surgery that fixed his problem….. I too am thinking of a winter/fall garden but not sure what to plant. Today I am having a second surgery on same hand hopefully it will take care of my problems

  8. My husband buys already cooked bacon that he then heats in the microwave. It might not sound good, but it tastes good on our BLTs or in dishes that call for bacon.

  9. Like Peggy, we bake our bacon. It turns out wonderful… and like Claire, we bake the whole package at once! We don’t freeze ours. It doesn’t last that long around here. We just put it in a tupperware, in the fridge, then we eat it with a boiled egg for breakfast, use it to garnish salad, whatevs.
    However, I’d love to share with you my friend’s super-simple, and highly TOP Secret method for making BLTs in the summer, when tomatoes are fresh and plentiful. She buys the large bag of Real Bacon pieces from the local warehouse club (Sam’s, Costco, etc.). After toasting the bread, spread liberally with Mayo (I prefer Miracle Whip), then take a couple of Tablespoons of the bacon pieces and press them into the mayo! Once you top it with the Tomato and Lettuce, it is the best BLT anywhere! Plenty of bacon, but spread around. Try it!!
    And a special thank you shout out to my friend Roxanne in Idaho for introducing me to this!!

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