Easy Street-Working on the Final Clue

I have been working on Easy Street ALL day.  I had to choose to work on the cheddar version or the pink version.  Cheddar won out.

I have all the blocks sewn and I laid a few out to see what it’s going to look like.

I love it!!  I think it would look wonderful on our queen sized bed as a fall quilt.

Right now I am thinking that I might make blocks and not put a border on…what do you think??

51 thoughts on “Easy Street-Working on the Final Clue”

  1. i absolutely love it. It seems that borders are a must if it is for a queen bed but that will just add to its charm. Great job with your stitching and colors.

  2. The quilt is looking amazing. I love how the center stars look like sunflowers because of the colors and the background. I love the look.

  3. For fall…. you are so right!! But beautiful anytime :) Love the cheddar. You are so fast. I have been sewing most of the day also and have about 2/3 of the blocks together.. Actually had to SEW my 1st row (which consists of one block, two side triangles and one corner triangle, just to see how it was going to look. I am so excited. I do love this quilt!! Cathy in TN

  4. I love your color and the values…Just add 2 more rows of blocks to the side and either on the top or bottom and then decide if you want borders…Just beautiful..May

  5. Love it! I don’t think I would put on borders, but if they were on there and you showed it, I would probably love that too! I am no where near as far as you are!

  6. Amazing colors and workmanship. Borders would make it larger and would not take away from the beauty of the quilt. Was surprise to see the colors.

  7. I like your color choices much better than the black and whites. Your quilt looks more “together” than the one we were working on! If anything, I would add a thin border all around…same color as the binding.

  8. Awesome! I have had such a good time on this mystery. But you are Super Woman taking on 2 color versions. I am definitely partial to fall colors (all year long), so the one you are showing is my favorite. Have fun!

  9. Beautiful! Love just about anything with cheddar in it and this goes way beyond just anything. It is interesting how the earthy color choice looks so different than Bonnie’s choices.

  10. As always, your Easy Street looks smashingly good! You possess the most wonderful color sense in all your quilts. As for the border question, put more together and see if the size of the flimsey is to your liking before you make a hard decision.

  11. Love you color combo Jo ! Mine is so busy, that I’m going to name it “Busy Street” Would give anything to be able to sew all day…almost anything :):) I can only sew/cut 2 to 3hrs. a day max w/this back of mine. Hope to make another, that I can call “Easy Street.” Guess if I don’t get around to it, since I chose my sister’s quilt from my stash and doing all the cutting, and part of the sewing… her’s could count as “Easy Street” Julia in Missouri

  12. It’s beautiful!
    I don’t know if I’ll put a border on mine either but of course, I have a long way to go before I have to worry about that as I’m on step 3.

  13. I just love those colors, its simply gorgeous. I love fall colors and not just for fall, but they are my favorite colors. Thanks for posting. I am just putting together my blocks and used Bonnie’s color choice. Not sorry, as these are my niece’s favorite colors and I might finish the quilt and give to her as a college graduation gift. As I type this I love the borders on your page. I have a button collection and see pictures of ones I actually have, I love buttons too.

  14. Fabulous quilt, Jo. Love your color scheme. It might just be the picture, but the outside setting pieced triangles sort of “frame” the inner blocks… at least to me. A nice bonus for an on-point setting, eh?! So I think a border would be optional depending on what size you need. Great quilt. Can’t wait to see the Pink one.
    Happy New Year!

  15. Love your quilt! I would put it together and then see what it would look like with a border…looks great the way it is though :)

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Wow. I think the borders would just enhance this already stunning quilt.
    Looking forward to seeing your pink one too,

  17. No borders! It’s turned out beautifully in your colours, very autumnal. Big plain borders would take attention away from all these prints and piecing I believe.

  18. Wow, Jo! I love this version. I have been thinking all along while working on this mystery that I would like to do another in different colors. This is so pretty. I have enjoyed this mystery the most I think and I have done all of them. Even the one in the quiltmaker magazine.

  19. Cheddar is not a color I usually use, but your color combination is fabulous. I may have to reconsider my feelings about the color. Usually I choose borders, but I think I like your quilt without the borders.

  20. The HSTs on the edge make a wonderful border! I wouldn’t add anything else!!! I have to tell you, I HATE the color “cheddar”…but your quilt is gorgeous!!! I think it must be the overwhelming amount of “cheddar” usually found in “cheddar” quilts, where your use of cheddar is as a accent and the moderation of it really makes it sparkle. Now I’m going to have to re-think my approach to cheddar!!!

  21. OMG you are good! I have been struggling to get the blocks done, I keep reversing things! Just posted on my blog about it.Some assembly required!
    I do love your colors. I don’t like the lime green in mine at all. I will have to find someone to give it to!

  22. Your quilt is going to be beautiful! I really like your colors. I think it will look great without borders. Another row of blocks in each direction will give you a generous queen sized quilt.

  23. Love your colors. That is soooo pretty. I think it doesn’t need borders unless you need it to be larger. Guess I’ll go work on my Easy Street. I’m on Step 5, with Step 6 partially cut out. I used Bonnie’s colors, so no surprise.

  24. Love your color choices. I lost my quilting MoJo before I got all the pieces of Step 1 cut out. Its still sitting in my sewing room taking up all the room on my ironing station. I like the reveal so much that I think I will get busy instead of giving up. =) wish me luck…

  25. Terri Steinfurth

    WOW, the cheddar and green and brown are fantastic. What is the color of the single squares? Pink? Hard to tell in the picture.

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