Easy Street Progress

With a party and family home over the weekend I got behind on Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery.  Today I played catch up.

Here’s the pieces in more of the original colors…I used Civil War fabrics and interchanged pink for purple.

Here’s my second Easy Street quilt…Yes I am making two.  Here are the pieces in more fall colors.  The green stayed.  I interchanged deeper colored lights, cheddar and brown.

Which do you like better??

Right now, I am leaning towards liking the cheddars and browns…

I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow to see how it all comes together.  I was going to try to take the pieces and play and figure it out but I decided I would better work on the Quilt Square Quilt Along post instead. Watch for that post tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Easy Street Progress”

  1. I am so far behind too.. Plan on catching up tomorrow and the rest of the week.. I love them both but think I favor the brown and cheddar just a little more. I must go sew now.. ; )

  2. I’m not a fall color person so I love the pink and green one! I’m so impressed by the colors you chose and the fact that you are doing two!

  3. I am doing one – that’s great that you are doing 2! My question is – are your blocks sewn together? She hasn’t given the directions yet, has she?? :)

  4. You are too much! ;-) You’re working on two and then say you’re behind! My goodness! It’s a lot of work and your work, as always, is beautiful. Looking forward to the finished products!

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