Easter at the Hanken House

A post from Kelli–

Yes, this post is a little late, but if you know me, you also know that I’m usually a little late….and sometimes more than a little.

Usually we have Kramer Easter on Palm Sunday.  This year with everything going on, we had scheduled a Meet the Baby get together with my mom’s side of the family the weekend after Easter and Gannon’s baptism the day after and decided that we would add an Easter celebration to the mix.

Per tradition, Georgia and I got up and went to Sunrise service at our church.  Isn’t her dress the cutest?  I was all worried about not having an Easter dress for her.  I ended up finding one at a garage sale, but it was pretty much a tanktop and diaper cover.  I had decided that I’d try and fine a sweater and tights which I did, but both were so big for her that she was literally drowning in them.  You can imagine how excited I was when our neighbor stopped over with a gift and I opened it up to find this outfit!  I absolutely love it!  It was a newborn size, so she also wore it to Good Friday service to get as many wears out of it before she outgrows it!  Thanks so much Kim and Mike!

Afterwards, we went home to finish up some food as we would be heading up the road to Jason’s parents for dinner.  Once the food was finished up and ready, we were both able to sneak a little nap in.

Up at Grandma and Grandpa Hanken’s we had a wonderful meal and got to do lots of visiting!

Here is Georgia with her Great Grandma Lois, Jason’s Grandma.

Here she is getting some cousin time in!  This is her oldest cousin Joshua.  He is so sweet with her.  After she was born, his mom Rachel brough him and his sister Addy and brother Landon to visit.  She said that when they left, he started crying because he missed her!

All in all, it was a nice day.  Getting together for a meal and to chat and catch up is always a welcome time!


7 thoughts on “Easter at the Hanken House”

  1. Kelli, Georgia is just the cutest baby. Glad you had a nice visit. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Loved every bit of your post, Kelli. Georgia is the cutest little girl! Your family time with the cousin and Jason’s grandmother – too sweet! Gloria

  3. What a precious day and what a wonderful gift just in time! Such a blessing. Love those precious
    Pictures :)

  4. I just love how siblings react to newborns and little ones. Hopefully that kind of love will continue through the years!

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