DVD Disappointment: The Lone Ranger

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is take a little more time off at night.  Typically I sew and sew and sew all evening which means sometimes Hubby gets ignored.  Some nights he’s in the garage and that’s fine but other nights, I just need to not be at the sewing machine.  Both of us aren’t big TV fans so I decided to upgrade our Netflix subscription for a couple months until spring truly does arrive and we get busy on the house.  Then I’ll cancel it again.

The first movies I put on the list were movies that we missed at the theatre.  Friday night we watched The Lone Ranger.

I had wanted to see it.  The kids wanted to watch it.  We had hoped to go one time when all the kids were home near the 4th of July last year but the movie wasn’t showing at our theatre.  All of us were sad that we missed it.

My Dad was a huge Lone Ranger fan.  I remember watching reruns with him on Sunday afternoons when I was a kid.  It’s something I just did with Dad.  When my oldest brother Jule was growing up my dad nicknamed him Kemosobbie (spelling wrong I know) after Tonto from the show.  As my brother got older, Dad shortened it to Kemo.

I put the movie high on my Netflix list as I was anxious to see the movie.  I knew that if my Dad were still alive, he’d have wanted to see it too.  I had been hoping to share the new Lone Ranger with my kids as a type of carrying on a family tradition.

Well…what a HUGE disappointment.  What a HUGE disservice to all the old time Lone Ranger fans.  The movie was terrible.  It was so terrible that it wasn’t even funny.  Several times during the movie we all stopped and looked at each now believing that so much money was spent to make a movie yet the script was an epic failure.  In one scene during the movie the horse was standing up on a tree branch in a tree.  (Read that again)  The horse was standing up on a tree branch in a tree.  Yep a horse in a tree.

As I write this it has been a few days since I saw the movie and I am still appalled how anyone could believe that this script would make a decent movie.  Disney should be ashamed.

I want the old Lone Ranger and Tonto back.

Whatever you do, should you watch the new version…Don’t say I didn’t warn you….It truly is awful!!

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7 thoughts on “DVD Disappointment: The Lone Ranger”

  1. I was warned that the new Lone Ranger movie wasn’t like the old movie/series so I viewed it as something new, not related to the old Lone Ranger that I use to enjoy. Thus I enjoyed the new movie.

  2. When I saw the trailer I was pretty sure the film would be a dismal flop. Am not even going to bother to see the movie at all. It’s a shame, because I usually enjoy Johnny Depp movies.

  3. I guess your opinion starts with your point of view. We saw it when it came out, and loved it. We were just looking for entertainment, and not as a take off from the original. We found it quite amusing.

  4. Sorry your experience with the movie wasn’t what you were expecting.

    When I saw it I wasn’t expecting the old series to be recreated. With all the techno stuff out there I knew it was going to different. I LOVED it! Yes, some things are a bit odd, a bit slow in some spots, but for the most part it was great. I couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD to see it again. Johnny Depp did a great job as Tonto.

  5. I agree with you. We borrowed the movie from someone who bought it——glad we didn’t spend any money. It was dumb, not funny, and the writing was awful. It was my first time watching a Johnny Depp movie and will probably be my last.

  6. Hi Jo! I think I’ll still have to watch it – Lol – A friend of mine actually got to meet the original Lone Ranger (back in the day) and said that you’d never know from the tv show (b&w) but LR’s costume was a lovely shade of powder blue :) Bwahhahaaahhh!

  7. We were not expecting it to be a continuation of the old series. We just watched it for entertainment and loved it. What’s not to like about Johnny Depp? :)

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