Duct Tape Day….

It’s Homecoming here this week….It’s our daughter’s senior year and she’s our last kiddo left at home so all of these little things are a little bittersweet.

At our school they dress up each day according to a theme.  Today is duct tape day.  My daughter was really hot on this theme…

Yep…it’s all duct tape..hot pink, black and zebra print duct tape!  The glasses are 3-D glasses covered in duct tape.  Her old shot Ugg boots are covered in duct tape.

She’s been making the outfit for over a week.  The skirt idea she came up with herself.  It almost is like prairie points the way the diamonds are formed.  I was really impressed.  The outfit is pretty much taped together.  After we had it all on she went to sit down and it was not good….I laughed and laughed.  I can’t imagine how her day is going to go sitting the way she had to.

I’ll keep you posted on what she comes up with the rest of the days.

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