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I have had a few people come by and drop things off recently.

The first batch of things come for a group of New Hampton ladies.  They were busy making dignity bids for the local nursing home.  They are like this…

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From my understanding, a shirt is taken.  Sleeves and backs are taken off.  Then the sides are hemmed to make an adult bib that doesn’t look like a bib.  If you are interested in these just google “dignity bib” and you can see more about them.

Anyway, they talked to the local thrift store and asked them to donate shirts that didn’t sell and would make dignity bibs for the local nursing homes.

The ladies who organized the project are so sweet.  They know that I make quilts for shirts so they saved the backs and sleeves and gifted them to me.

The big bag on the left as well as the box below it were all shirts.  Some sorting had to happen as they all weren’t 100% cotton but that was totally okay.

The box was filled with fabrics…

The bag was filled with more fabric.  There are double knit fabrics on the right.  I don’t have a use for them and currently don’t know anyone that uses them.  Do any of you know a group that uses double knits??  I have set aside and can mail them off if anyone knows of someone that uses them.

I snagged the t-shirt fabric as I’ll pass that on to Carolyn for making baby gowns for Lutheran World Relief baby care kits.  Here it is…perfect.

The next big dose of goodies came from Nancy.  She lives three towns away.  It’s about a 45 minute drive this way.

There are many very nice things in the mix that I am working to find the right homes for.  Some will likely go on the postage auction.

Isn’t this cuddle kit great?

There was a tie blanket kit.  I passed that on already.  There were other goodies too.  The sewing fabric will be on the upcoming postage auction.

There were so many great kits and fabrics.

Here is a great kit.  It could be made together all in one quilt of the blocks could be made as monthly banner quilts.

You will see much of this in either auctions or finished projects.

These were all big chunks of fabric that will make several backings.  I was thinking about using the top one with sunflowers for a project of my own and swapping it out with a backing fabric I have here.  I do that from time to time.

Here was another fun kit…

…and another.

Some of you are going to be super excited about the part of Nancy’s goodies…She passed on part of her vintage feed sack collection.  These will all be on a postage auction.

There were several bags of them.


Gloria stopped by with goodies too…  She had been to an estate sale.  She picked up a few projects that she thought to share with me.  Watch for these to be on the postage auction as well.

A couple of the stars above had damage but there are replacement parts for them.

What great projects.  The gal that was selling said they were from her grandma.  It makes me sad to see grandma projects passed on.  Hopefully one of you will bid and give them a good home.

Gloria’s husband even brought me something but I’ll save that for another post.

I am hoping to have a blog post together with auction goodies at the end of the week.

I think I have enough stuff for THREE or FOUR auctions for the postage fund so watch for that coming soon (I hope).

Thanks for all of the drive bys with goodies.  It’s fun visit as well as get the goods.

13 thoughts on “Drop Offs”

  1. What wonderful, loving giving from your generous supporters! These will be made into beautiful works of artful quilts by your followers. Love all around!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    My what a lovely surprise. Such bags of goodies. That grandma’s star quilt is so beautiful. My grandma made them like that for each of us grands when we got married that was 37 starxquits plus all the quilts she did for charity. I was so blessed to have grandma’s example. Several of us cousins have picked up the torch and carry the c quilting on.

  3. Seeing the feed sacks made me remember some fabrics that were given to me, and boxed up and put away. There are a lot of kitchen calendar dish towels. Can anyone think of a way to use them? I think they are cotton but a calendar quilt? I think they are 50’s and 60’s and maybe some later ones.
    Jo if you think they would be wanted, I can send them to you for a postage auction.
    Shower me with suggestions!! lol Thanks

      1. MariLynn Bergmark

        I made a calendar quilt once for Lutheran World Relief. That quilt and 3 others were stored in a box for shipping…..later. Two of our Open Pantry clients took the box and were seen by the church secretary putting it in their car! When my husband questioned them about it, they said they thought it was an empty box! Number One, a large box with 4 quilts has weight! Number two, the boxes we used had cuts in the 2 ends to aid in picking up a carrying and you could feel the quilts inside. My husband, the pastor, said their pantry privileges would be denied until they returned the quilts. The “calendar quilt” was never seen again!

        1. AH!! That has to be frustrating. I hope they actually used them and didn’t sell them. We were told by a LWR person not to make the quilts too nice or they get sold or stolen. It’s sad but I have learned to comply with that.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Would the Lutheran ladies use the poly in their quilts? Poly is almost indestructible and could last longer than cotton in a quilt. Maybe for the backing?

  5. Hi Jo, You might want to check i anybody is making fidget blankets for Nursing Homes for people with dementia. They use lots of different fabrics & maybe able to use that extra fabric you can’t use. Hope this helps. This is the first time i have commented but have been following you for several years, i love to read your posts each day.
    Take care & Thank you
    Allison from Sydney Australia

  6. Jo, we use the double knit as we have people request those quilts. Right know our church group has made 64 large quilts and 63 baby quilts and 233 dog pillows. Love seeing all of your posts, Thank you.

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