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I love the taste of yogurt and have become especially fond of drinkable yogurt.  On my mornings that I have childcare I’m known to forget to eat breakfast and being diabetic, that’s a bad idea.  I’ve gotten so I started drinking these Chobani drinkable yogurts.  I love them but they are expensive.  Too expensive for me to be eating on a regular basis…and the sugar content is a little high.

The other day I went to get one out of the refrigerator and didn’t have any left.  Ugh.  I saw that I had yogurt in the refrigerator and that’s when it hit me…why not make one with the yogurt I had in the refrigerator.  I had a raspberry yogurt and thought I’d simply add milk and mix it up but then I remembered I had a half banana that was going bad so why not throw that in?


I grabbed my immersion blender and mixed it all up adding milk to get to the right thickness.

It was love at first taste.

Well now that I have this in my head, I’m determined to try to make it even cheaper….and more convenient as the reason I like the drinkable yogurt is that I can drink it on the go.  I want to make them in advance.  So the current plan is to make some homemade yogurt in the Instant Pot and work with it to make it drinkable storing it in pint jars in the refrigerator.   I’m a little afraid that I created a monster with this.  I’m guessing I’ll be all gung-ho about it and concentrated on it until I get it right.  I can be a little crazy like that.

Typically I don’t tell you about any of this until I have it mastered but I’m hoping someone might have a tried and true yogurt recipe for the Instant Pot (I’ve made it a couple times but wasn’t completely sold on it) or have a great recipe for drinkable yogurt.  Share your advice please….


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  1. I just made yogurt in the instant pot that I love. It was made with a vanilla creamer and 2% milk. I didn’t strain it so it is quite thin. Not quite drinkable but with a little milk mixed in it would be.

  2. Have you tried the Kefir yogurt drinks? They are delicious! They aren’t as pricey as Chobani. I think the 32 oz. is less than $3. If I go to the work, I want to make a Greek yogurt, and I find that I can do it much easier on the stove than in the Instant Pot. My recipe is under my Notes on my page. Deb

  3. One question, Jo. Do you take a thyroid replacement (ie Levothyroxin)? If so do you take it in the A.M.? You should avoid taking dairy products and/or calcium supplements at that time of day as the calcium interferes with the absorption of the Levothyroxin…for more info go to this link… A neighbor is making her own yogurt and uses honey as her sweetner.


    1. I do take Levothyroxin. I take mine in the middle of the night when I wake up and go to the bathroom. That’s typically 3am or so…I don’t have yogurt or dairy until 7 or 8 the morning.

  4. I make a yogurt shake by blending 1 cup plain yogurt, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1/2 cup pineapple juice. Typically I use frozen mixed berries but have used other frozen fruits

  5. Don’t recommend making too many drinkables ahead. The yogurt culture will work on the milk and turn it into yogurt and banana will turn brown.

  6. Hi Jo- I also take my Levo around 3 am. LOL. I was told by pharmacist you only need to wait 2 hours after taking it to then take other meds or dairy. Works for me. In the summer I make a 3 day supply of yogurt, lactose free milk, fozen fruit ,banana and honey/agave in the blender. Easy peasy and tastes good. Any more days than that it’s not that great. Enjoy your new adventure! mary

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