Dreaming of Quilting

Kelli is a napper just like her Dad.  Me I am not a napper at all.  If I nap, I typically end up not refreshed and typically I have a headache so no naps for me.

I had to chuckle when over the weekend, Kelli was home.  We had finished up lunch and the dishes and I went in to sew.  A half hour later I wondered what happened to Kelli.  I went to look and there she was napping on the couch….

Notice she was reading a quilting book.  I just hope she’s dreaming about the next quilt we’re going to make and one that doesn’t have Santa’s on it…

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Quilting”

  1. Love your blog and the new quilt. I learned recently that each person has a different idea of 1/4″ seam and pressing standards. Made a quilt my sister wanted to help me with. I had to remake several blocks and nothing matched up. Lesson learned.

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