Dreaming of a Finish….

Kelli called me tonight…She is oh so close to having the embroidery finished for her Winter Wonderland quilt.

When we were in Moline, one of the ladies, Sarah, was hand quilting this version of the quilt.

It’s Winter Wonderland by Crab Apple Hill.   It’s a beauty.  Kelli was checking it out closely, dreaming of when her’s might be so far along.

Then we went back to the hotel where she was inspired to pull her own out and do a little stitching.

Isn’t it inspiring to see a project that someone is working on when you aren’t quite as far along?  Kelli is doing a great job!  Can you believe it’s only about the second project she has ever embroidered and she is tackling this HUGE project?!?!?  You go girl!!

She is already planning on making Vintage Trick or Treat next.

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  1. I’ve been staying with my dd and family, caring for the grandkids. She has no sewing machine (horrors!) so I have been doing some embroidery and maybe later some hand piecing. Kelly – good luck with the quilt – you’ve inspired to get back on the horse and embroider some more when the kids go to bed! ;-) Looking forward to your finished product!

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