Drama Filled Friday

First off…I want to say I love my life.  I really do but sometimes being the matriarch of this crew takes some doing and lots of praying.

With five kids there is always so much going on.  Things were crazy when they all were little and mistakenly, I thought it would slow down as they got older.  In a way, it has but in another way…WOW, it hasn’t.

There was my Friday…I’ll give you a rundown on each of our kids.

Kelli the oldest was supposed to bring Georgia here in the morning and I was supposed to take care of her while Kelli went to get her blood sugar check.  Kelli is pregnant with twins.  She had her first glucose test on Monday which she flunked.  So she had to go in for the long test on Friday.

Well, it snowed and with the slippery roads it didn’t work out for her to come and bring Georgia.

…so that was on my mind.

Kayla, next in the line, called me and was upset.  She was on her way to the doctor with Jasper.  He had a cold earlier in the week but all of that had warped into something more.  She was taken him in to get checked out.

Well an hour or so later Spencer, Kayla’s husband, called me and said they admitted Jasper to the hospital.  He was a sick little boy.  His oxygen levels were low and a chest x-ray showed he has pneumonia.

Poor guy.  They had been trying to get him to give up his pacifier but if you are hospitalized, you get your pacifier…no questions asked!!

There was a lot of back and forth calls and work to keep the rest of the kids informed on what was up with our sweet Jasper.

I’ve had my own kids in the hospital.  I know it isn’t fun.  What’s worse is worrying about Kayla on top of worrying about Jasper and knowing there is nothing I can do.  I’m sure you all can relate.

Buck is the next kiddo…
He didn’t have quite so much drama.  He did call to let me know he put Lora and the girls on a plane.  They were traveling to Florida to spend time with family.

Buck couldn’t go as he does snow removal and we’ve had snow lately.  Not a ton of snow but enough that he can’t leave.

Scotty had school so didn’t go.  The other Grandma was on duty to watch him as the snow was predicted so we got happy kid-free updates from Buck that evening but then Saturday he sent this picture…

You can see that’s a bad break on his snowplow.  UGH.  More to worry about.

Karl, as always, is my least worrisome kid.  He does have his own things but they are typically they aren’t as dramatic as the other kids.  Right now things are still going through on the purchase of his house.  This week he has been working on getting bids from the electrician, getting the abstract updated, finding out about property insurance, and getting more paperwork into the bank.  All of this Karl HATES.  Anything paperwork related is Karl’s arch enemy.

He’s also having a bit of a case of cabin fever.  Covid plus the weather has been not so good.

He has been driving my truck to work as his Toyota isn’t the best at winter driving.

Kalissa, the last of the kids, had her own day.  She worked the overnight Thursday into Friday.  She commutes about 80 minutes to work.  So on Friday after her shift, she was scheduled to get her 2nd Covid shot.  The time wasn’t until 11 am though so she slept in town until her appointment, got her shot, and drove to my house.

I had Gannon.  We’ve had a LONG week with Gannon.  He’s been having issues again with being backed up.  It’s been a week of enemas, Miralax, and anything that will clean the guy out.  You can read more about it on Kalissa’s blog.  It’s been interesting, to say the least.  While I was watching him on Friday he had pooped and it was up past his shoulder blades.

Kalissa had to pick him up from my house and take him to the doctor again to get an x-ray to make sure all was well.

She did all of this on 3 hours of sleep.  UGH.  I can’t do that stuff anymore and it always amazes/worries me when she does.

On top of all of that…I have the in-laws too.  Craig and Jason both are farmers and it’s been like -20 degrees and they along with Buck are out working in it all the time.

So this was mostly all happening on Friday…
There is lots on the plate being a mom to five and grandma to seven.

So Friday Craig came at about 3:20 pm and was going to pick up Carver.  He was getting off the bus at my house as Kalissa wasn’t back from the doctor yet with Gannon.  The bus came at 3:30 pm.  I was in the middle of making waffle cookies.  Shortly after Kalissa showed up.

They were getting Carver dressed and were walking out the door when my phone rang.  It was public health calling me asking if I wanted to get my covid vaccine.  They had extra doses and if I came now, I could get mine.  Kalissa was already walking out the door so really loudly into the phone I said, “I’d love to get my Covid vaccine.  I’ll do what I can to make it work.

Kalissa and Craig stopped and the scramble began.  I still had childcare kids at my house…just two school-aged kiddos and one baby.  Kalissa and Craig volunteered to watch them…and finish baking the cookies.

I ran upstairs, changed my clothes, and dug around to find Karl’s spare set of keys.  Remember he had taken my truck to work?

Before long I was in the car and on my way.

We live pretty rural so I had to drive 40 minutes towards the opposite end of the county to get my shot.

I had to drive here…I was given a clipboard with a questionnaire.

Then I backed the car out, handed a lady the clipboard, she gave me back a paper, and I got in line.

I pulled into the garage and handed them my paper.  I took my arm out of my sleeve and I got my shot.

I was given this card and told to wait in the parking lot for 15 minutes.  It was easy peasy.

I am now a card-carrying vaccinated, with round one, person.  YAHOO!!  I couldn’t be happier.  I go back in March for round two.  I’m so thankful to have this.

Oh my…what a day Friday was!!

So if want the rest of the story, here it is.

Kelli passed her glucose test.

Jasper got out of the hospital on Saturday.

Buck borrowed someone else’s snowplow.

Karl got out to relieve his cabin fever.

Gannon’s x-ray came back good.  He is no longer backed up.

…and me, so far no side effects from the shot!

WOW…how’s that for family drama on what should have been an average every old day?

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  1. Congratulations!!! I got got my first shot on February 1. Number 2 is scheduled for March 1. The second shot is the one that is most likely to make you feel like crap for a day. Better one day and several weeks.

  2. I hope you signed up at the CDC after your shot. I got the Moderna shot and felt great for two days then the side effects hit for 6 hours. I get side effects from an aspirin so I was expecting them. The next day I felt super great. Not looking forward to the second dose but will stock up with 7-up, soup and Tylenol. The CDC sent a questionnaire each evening asking how we felt, which I’m so glad they did to help in the future.

    Having 4 adult children and now adult grandchildren, there is always something going on in their lives, but it’s been quiet for a long time now. And I’m so glad!

  3. How thankful we all are that things turned out on the positive side for all. So glad you all can be there for each other – good family! That poor little Gannon, can’t imagine what he goes through. All that and you still get so many quilts made!

  4. Glad everyone in your family is doing better. This weather is for the birds! But I feel bad for our kids in Texas. They aren’t prepared for what they are getting! I got my first shot today! It’s a good step forward. Take care!

  5. Wow- who would have “thunk” all that activity is 27 miles from my house. I am glad everything seems to be working out. So happy you got the CV-19 shot, as that give you one less thing to worry about. Stay safe and stay warm….it’s freezing here in Iowa.

  6. So glad to hear you got your first shot. I had a reaction to the first but not the second! Go figure! Glad all turned out ok with all the grands.

  7. As a mother with 6 adult children, ranging in age from 20-32 I can completely relate to everything in this post. I too thought things would slow down after they all reached adulthood. Boy was I wrong! Each of my children are married or have a significant other and we have 1 grand child and 1 on the way (so far). Ha! Ha! Being a family of 15 plus, it gets plenty crazy on the daily! And the constant exchanging of information is on an epic level since we are a close knit family. I wouldn’t have it any other way as I’m sure you would agree.

  8. I got my first shot last week. I like the drive through! Little by little, we are all going to get vaccines, if we want them!

  9. Congratulations on the vaccine. What a relief it is to have one-down, one-to-go! I get my booster Friday! I love the way everyone in your family pitches in whenever and wherever necessary. Lucky you!!!

  10. What a day you had! I’ll never relate to that having a small family. It’s good the Friday things resolved. I liked the drive through shot clinic. The one I went to was in a vacant department store in a mostly vacant mall. As others have said, the second shot seems to have more side effects.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, for the 1st life in my life I’m thankful I have only one child. I have bedn thankful for at least one child, ut slightly envious of larger families. I don’t think I could have handled such a frantic day. You are blessed beyond measure to be able to do all that you do.

  12. I have 4 kids and 6 grandkids who live close. It’s a zoo sometimes but I love it. My daughter had big problems with constipation. We finally settled on her having a couple dried prunes every day to keep things moving but it she ate much cheese it was all over. I don’t miss those days!

  13. Wow, what a day! Glad things seemed to turn out OK. I finally got an appt. for my shot after weeks of early mornings trying. It’s been crazy. Mine was on 2/10 and my 2nd is set for 3/4. I am so glad. So glad you got yours. That was a fun finish to your Friday. We shall get through this. ( I think I heard this line about a year ago). HA! Be well and take care of you and the whole family.

  14. My daughter has had both Moderna shots. The first was easy. The second not so much. Plan on a sick day after the next one. She ran a low grade fever, and had a major headache. The kind that when it is over your head is sore. Her symptoms started about 8 hours after the shot and last another 24.

  15. It’s a handful and you just do it. I only have 2 children but they are several hours away, so if they need me, there’s lots of driving involved. It doesn’t happen as often now that the grandchildren are older, but I used to keep a bag packed in case I had to go spend the night at our daughter’s. Our son has his own issues with diabetes and before he was married, we needed to be available to help.

    I’m glad everything turned out relatively well and you got your shot. Here’s hoping there are no reactions to it.

  16. When we started our family my sister in laws were well into their kids teenage and early adult years. One sister in law said in jest “little people, little problems. Big people, big problems’ Didn’t really understand this when I was changing multiple diapers. I do now! Happy to hear Friday has settled down and so have the worries…. at least for now!

  17. I’m thankful that you’ve received your first vaccine and that Jasper is doing better. God gave you strength and you are using it!

  18. Grandpa Hertle always said when your kids are little you have little problems. When your kids are big you have big problems. I am finding this to be true! Glad everyone is doing fine!

    Glad you got your shot! I am getting mine on Thursday. We will be vaccinated at the same time! Take care my friend!

  19. Ages ago when i took my infant daughter to the gastro for constant blockage problems, the recommendation was magnesium citrate for two days to clean everything out. Much easier than an enema. https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-522-2202/magnesium-citrate-oral/magnesium-citrate-oral/details

    Then after everything was cleared out, and you won’t need an xray to tell you, daily dosing with Miralax to keep things soft enough to make passing easy. She’s old enough now to know whether or not she needs a bit of Miralax to help her out for a few days.

  20. Glad you were able to get your shot after all that running around. I had a sore arm from the first shot, and only afternoon sleepiness from the second shot. Hope you don’t have any reactions to the second one. :>)

  21. I have a very small family–one son and no grandchildren. I keep busy with my quilting and my two kitties. I have a friend who is a quilter and she comes and plays with my kitties—-she loves them!!! Jo I love your blog–so happy everything turned out well for your Friday. You manage it gracefully and with much “grit”—-Happy Quilting—my best to the little ones!!!!! I live in Oregon on the coast–if we have snow it is a miracle!!!!

  22. My week was a spread out version of your day! My foster daughter was due the first of the week so I was on “baby watch”. Tuesday night she came and told me she thought the baby was coming. She then went back to her bedroom and i didn’t hear anything for over an hour. Went up to check on her and the labor had stopped, so we went ahead and packed her hospital bag. Around 8:15 AM on Wednesday she again said she thought the baby was coming-this time for real! So, bundle her and her 2.5 year old into the car and head for the hospital. Couldn’t take the little guy in so I went on “grandma duty” while she was at the hospital. Baby finally came Wednesday evening so I picked her up Thursday mid-day. (Baby was going to a new home for adoption as the 2.5 year old is more than a handful with autism!) Got a text from my supervisor Thursday afternoon late to see if I could work Friday. So, Friday morning I was at work. Had been scheduled to have my second Covid shot on Wednesday-yep-didn’t happen then. So, I stopped on my way home from work on Friday to see if I could squeeze in for it. Got it and went home, 2 older grandies were dropped off to spent the weekend while mom worked. Sore arm and large red spot were my reminders of the injection! Extra tired but grandies are such quiet kiddos that they were not problem. Sunday night came and I was more than ready for bed!! New week, new challenges, hopefully not as many! But, can’t imagine my life without all the chaos and love!

  23. Bonnie Lippincott

    Wow, wow, wow! I’m so glad you didn’t leave us worrying, I know I was just reading all that. I love that you share your family with us, (and that it’s okay with them, too), I only have one kid and my life seems easy after yours.

    Did I miss that Karl bought a house? How great for him, even with all the headaches.

    Thanks for all your updates.

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