Down to the Wire

I’ve been trying to get the quilt finished for the baby shower….If you missed that post, it’s here.

Well all my yesterday’s intentions were good.  I plotted and planned all day to have the toys picked up and the childcare work done so after the kiddos left I could head right upstairs.  That didn’t happen.  Kalissa came and we chatted. Then I decided that I needed to prep supper and than the most wonderful thing happened…My best friend from high school called.  She was my friend through college and we even lived together for a year.  She’s still my friend.  I think the world of her but we don’t see each other much at all and we only talk once or twice a year.

The second I saw her name come up on my phone, I threw my plans down the drain.  This was way more important.  That baby quilt could wait.  We talked for an hour or so and then Hubby came home from the farm…by now it’s 9 pm and by the time I visited a bit with him and made supper it was 9:45.  It was too late to work on the baby quilt.  I decided heck with it all and sat down and sewed for 20 minutes on my Pineapple Crazy blocks.

So I decided to get up early again…and I am happy to say I got it quilted before the childcare kids arrived.  Only problem, no binding and wanted to get it in the mail today.  UGH.  That’s when I remembered that Kelli was stopping by for a couple hours this morning.  I’d have her play with the kids and I’d bind the quilt….and that’s sort of what happened.  Actually the kids watched me for about 15 minutes of it.  They hadn’t seen a sewing machine in action so for them it was pretty neat.

It only take me about a half hour at the most to bind a quilt and the kids where happy to hang out with Kelli….they can get her to do anything.

Anyway…here’s the finished quilt.  Ta-da!  It’s mostly left over fabric from a fabric line..not all but mostly.  I completely improv pieced it.  There is no pattern.  I just started sewing this and that together until I was out of options and the quilt was big enough.  It was fun.  I’d love to do it again.


Here’s another view.


I ended up using a variegated pastel thread.


The back is gifted fabric…not fancy but good.  You can see the quilting really well in the photo.

Thanks bunches and bunches to our blog readers who send fabric to help make this quilt happen.  More than ever I really appreciate the fabric in my stash.  I just don’t have time to be out shopping for fabric.  The childcare kids are here 11 hours a day so time is more precious than ever!!

I love the kiddos…but like all of you, I love a little free time too and shopping isn’t anything I love to do…even if it’s for fabric!

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  1. It’s sew pretty!! I used your Stacking Bricks pattern to make a donation quilt. It was so easy and looks so good! Thanks!!

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