Down Sizing: Quilts for Sale

I’ve been doing some cleaning and organizing.  With that comes some decisions…do I really want to move that??  Do I really need that?  Is there a home for that at the new house?  I kept asking myself that as I sorted through quilts on Sunday.

These are hard to part with but it’s time some of these find a new home.  I would like to them to go somewhere where I know they’ll be loved…so am wondering if any of you might like to purchase them for your vintage quilt collection.  I will do my best to represent the quilts as accurately as possible but they are sold as is.

I’d like to be paid through Paypal if possible but can accept a personal check if needed.  If someone purchases more than one quilt, I will work to combine shipping.  All questions and comments please email me at  Once a quilt is sold I will mark it as such.

Here’s what I have….

Quilt #1-This is a  vintage quilt in good shape.  It is completely a beautifully hand quilted.  All of the blocks are the same design and of the same print.  The blocks along the sides are one half blocks.  There are a few spots on it.  I never laundered it while I owned it and never tried to remove the spots. The backing is the same white fabric.  It is light weight.  Size on this is 66″ x 82″.

Asking $50 plus postage of $8.SOLD


Quilt #2-This quilt was bought from the same place as quilt #1.  I am assuming the same person made both of them.  This on is embroidered with pink flowers.  It has yellowing and is more fragile.  The fabric isn’t in as good of shape. Some of the hand quilting has come loose and some of the embroidery stitches as well.  It can easily be folded to hide the flaws.  Size on this is 82″ x 90″.

Asking $25 plus postage of $8.


Quilt #3-This is a nine patch cutter quilt in poor shape.  It is machine stitched-and machine quilted.  The edges on this are badly frayed. Size on this is 71″ x 74″.

Asking $10 plus postage of $7.


Quilt #4-Is a real favorite of mine.  It’s so pretty…It isn’t finished and is only a top.  I bought it with the intention of finishing it but I know I won’t get it done.


The foundation pieces that were used in this quilt are so fun.  I love the strips in it too.


Size on this is 74″ x 74″.  It’s a wonderful mix of wools, satins and velvets.
Asking $60 plus postage of $8.Sold


Quilt #5  This is actually a top in not the best shape.  It’s needs repair.  It is 66″ x 72″.  I loved the block design.  It does have a couple extra blocks that come with it.
Asking $6 plus postage of $4. Sold


Quilt #6 is a WONDERFUL embroidered quilt.  It took my breath away the first time I saw it.  It is 84″ x 97″.  It is completely and beautifully hand quilted.  I can’t find a thing wrong with it.

I am guessing that after it was stitched it was just put away….It’s so pretty.

Asking $110 plus postage of $10.SOLD

Quilt #7 is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  It is 68′ x 84″.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted.  The binding is not in the best shape. The backing is pink.

There are spots on it.  I didn’t wash it so I don’t know if they will come out- see to the left.  It could easily be folded and displayed so no stains show.

We loved the border treatments on this…

Asking $40 plus postage of $8. Sold

Quilt #8 is a fun bright one.  It is hand quilted in red big stitch.  It’s full of all sorts of scrappy goodness.  The edging is in need of repair-A couple of the blocks need help too but I do think it is repairable.  It is 86″ x 73″.  The backing is fun too.  I loved that print.

Asking $15 plus postage of $10.Sold


I hate seeing these all go but knowing someone else will love and take care of them is a huge relief.  I’ve always felt guilty about them being here and I didn’t get them repaired or didn’t launder them.

All questions and comments please email me at  Once a quilt is sold I will mark it as such.  All quilts are sold as is…I will answer all questions truthfully.

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