Down a Rabbit Hole: Punch Needle

So the reason it’s taking me so long to REALLY clean my sewing room is that I end up down some rabbit holes.  Today’s rabbit hole….Punch Needle.

I did punch needle some time ago….well actually a long time ago.  It was all because of the gals at Country Threads.  Here are some pictures of the samples they had in their shop…trust, there were TONS more but here are a few that got me to give punch needle a try.  These photos were from back in 2011.

I just love these…


I wish I had them all….

NeedlePunch-9…but I wish they were all finished!!

Country Threads always did an awesome job of finding interesting things to mount the finished pieces on…like above the little dust pan.

The gals were so into punch needle that they even started designing their own patterns.  Here are a few…


This next finish is actually mine.  I did one punch needle project from start to finish.  I don’t even know where it is now.  Probably it’s in a box in the basement.  I’ll put that on my list to investigate.

Well in my cleaning I found my old punch needle bag….That lead me to wondering why I didn’t finish these projects….yep now I remember.  I was too chicken to do the eyes and buttons on the snowman.  The star one was the last for me to finish.

That lead me to checking out the piece with the stars.  Hey wait.  That has to be a Teresa Kogut design.  I’m sure of it as I recently saw her version of the same pattern only in cross stitch.  Wow….my punch needle life that was, is crossing over into my current cross stitch life.  I’m a BIG Teresa Kogut fan now.  I love her Floss Tube channel on Youtube.  She often talks about both punch needle and cross stitch so my interest in trying punch needle has kind of peaked again.  Seeing hers makes me remember that I did like doing it.

I saw my needle.  It looked new…Yep, I remember, when my niece Jody was sick with cancer, she wanted to try punch needle.  I gifted her mine and later bought a new needle.

I wasn’t sure I even remembered how to use it.  Hmm.  Well I had supplies…I could try.  The instruction book was there.

I found a Morgan Hoop still in the package.  Yep I remember ordering one a time ago from Amazon.  I had thought at the time I’d start punch needle again, but never did.

..and there was pattern I hadn’t finished.

It was started…and that’s when I really went down the rabbit hole.  On the frame went the started project.  Out of the bag came the needle.  Could I remember how to do this?

Nope.  I had to read the directions.  Then I had to watch a Youtube video.  Then I said a bad word.  Then I almost gave up.  Then I realized I had the wrong sized needle in.  Then I got mad because my thread broke as I had tried to reuse the tread and it was now weak.  Then I said another bad word…and then IT WORKED.  I WAS SO HAPPY.

Isn’t that the way things go?  Of course this all took about 2 hours long.  But I figured it out again.  I’m thrilled.

Punch needle is kind of weird in that you work on the printed side and the design actually shows up on the backside.


I did learn that I did this a little bit wrong.  I’m suppose to stitch the center first and the little pieces then do the background and edge but it will work.  I’ll remember that for next time.

Um…did I say a next time.  I did.  There has to be a next time as in my big long rabbit trail, I ended up ordering this…

TERESA KOGUT Home Punch Needle Pattern House image 0Yep a Teresa Kogut design.  She has others I’d love to do…you can find her here Teresa Kogut on Etsy

I still can’t believe that I first learned of Teresa Kogut way back at Country Threads…over 10 years ago.  This is another picture of one her patterns from the shop.

So now it has me wondering is, when my trip down the rabbit hole started?  Was it when I first went to Country Threads and discovered punch needle…or did it start when I started watching floss tube and found Teresa Kogut…or was it when I was cleaning the sewing room and found my old punch needle bag.  Hmm.

Regardless…I can’t say for sure if I’ll be punching or not.  Cross stitch has such a call to me right now and I don’t want to have too many projects that have me sitting in a chair.  We’ll see.  I do at least want to do the new Teresa Kogut pattern I ordered….but maybe I need to practice on something else first.  That does look a little challenging.  Who knows?  All I know is I wasted an afternoon and didn’t get anything cleaned in the sewing room…oh well, as I always tell Carver, “It happens.”

…and I am doing punch needle again, I guess.  Anyone else do punch needle, curious minds want to know.  Anyone else love Teresa Kogut?  I am a religious watcher nowadays.

22 thoughts on “Down a Rabbit Hole: Punch Needle”

  1. Her videos are usually long, so punching while watching seems like a solution to organizing your time. Maybe? I love Teresa’s designs as well and have yet to try it out even though I have the stuff.

  2. LOL yep, stuff happens and down that hole we go again. I must admit I never tried punch needle. None of the shops around here had much and the nearest needle work shop is seventy miles away.

  3. I have a punch needle kit with a Christmas design I bought at least a decade ago. It’s buried in the closet in my sewing room. I’ve been cleaning the sewing room, and I either need to work on it or pass it on, I’ll decide once fall hits and it’s too dark to be outside in the evenings.

  4. Oh my- I did the needle punch back in tihe early 80’s when my kiddos were babies… I think I still have the needles in my old stash…

  5. I have done needle punch and I agree that Country Threads did some wonderful displays of finished kits. I like your snowmen, hope you challenge yourself and finish those eyes.

  6. This post definitely has me curious about punch needle (such a funny name). But as I didn’t even manage to finish my DD#5 dragon, I think I’d better not look too closely. STOP tempting me woman!!!! Luckily my #3 is an easier finish.

  7. I became smitten with punch needle several years ago when I was at the Houston Quilt Festival. I thought it was the best and bought the whole kit. I know I never touched it since. I have no idea where that kit is now. I haven’t seen it in years. Have fun with your newish hobby. Enjoy!

  8. How funny, I literally just found my punch needle kit today! I recently painted my sewing studio and found the kit (I also found my hoop) while I was organizing and putting everything back (a HUGE job)!! I stopped doing punch needle because I didn’t think I was doing it very well. But I found some completed pieces I did and now I think they look great. So maybe I will pick it up again as well. Thanks for the nudge!!

  9. I have a small punch needle project t o do. I have tried doing it a couple of times but haven’t have any success – sure makes me feel like a failure.. I plan to keep trying and maybe if I watch a video it would help me. I like the snowmen picture too.

  10. Now you did it. Like you I loved punch needle and bought/made several Country Threads patterns. Now I’ll have to dig out projects that I didn’t finish. I especially liked the vintage Halloween projects. Down the rabbit hole I go…

  11. I would be in the same place as I were. I have all the stuff to do it. But don’t remember how. Guess I lost interest, maybe someday I will get it back out?

  12. I am cheering you on and look forward to seeing your finishes! Punch needle is like wool applique for me. I love love love seeing it but how can I be tempted by another craft when I have so much fabric and so many quilt projects I want to do? I also honestly have no spare space!

  13. I remember punch needle from way back but I didn’t think anyone did it anymore. Of course, they probably do but I don’t have any shops that I’ve been to that carry it.
    I enjoyed the journey down your rabbit hole and look forward to the next one. ;-)
    Love and prayers

  14. My mother did punch needle back in the late 60s and early 70s. Her projects were much larger and framed. I remember one technique where you glued one side and then used a metal comb on the other to create a really soft furry texture. Don’t know what happened to those but the last one she did was a large eagle and it’s beautiful. I was the lucky recipient of it when we cleared out my parents’ house. Somewhere with her sewing things I think I still have her needle. Your post has me thinking I may want to do a small project. :)

  15. Jo I may have to get my punch needle out and try it again. I will check out the YouTube channel you suggested and give it a go. There are a couple of small patterns I would like to make to start out. Good luck to you!

  16. Vonna The Twisted Stitcher recently did 2 tutorials on punch needle on her Floss Tube. She went step by step. Very thorough!

  17. Hi Jo!
    Yes, I’m a punch needle fan as well. Haven’t done a lot of it yet, but I do have that Country Thread one with the scissors, and the box it will cover – eventually!
    Am trying really hard to finish up ” On Ringo Lake” at the moment, love Bonnie Hunter quilts also!

  18. Mary Etherington

    Wow! What a trip down memory lane for me – those were beautiful projects, weren’t they? I still have a huge bag or projects and supplies but I’m into making quilts for upcoming gift occasions so I just don’t have time right now. You are really getting things done this summer, Jo! I enjoyed the flowers post with the little boys.

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