Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

Ahhh.  I forgot about getting this post written.  All along I’ve been writing them a week ahead and this week…I didn’t have it done.  I realized this last night at EXACTLY 8:32pm.  That’s when I did a little panic.

I debated about skipping a week.  I don’t think anyone will hate me if I do but I decide to persevere and forge ahead.  Hubby had other ideas as he knows it takes me a bit to write these quilt along posts especially when I have to run upstairs and sew up all the steps taking pictures as I go.  But I won.  He’s always worried that I’m working too much…funny I’m always worried about him working too much.

So here I go…this is this week’s step.  We are making the outside row.  If you’re following my directions vs the magazine directions, this is what we’re doing.  I talked to you about this a few steps back suggesting that I think it’s easier to attach the melons onto the blocks when they are small vs adding them when the the two melon blocks are all sewn in a row.

If you’re with me, this is our next step.  If you’re with the magazine, you’re on your own.

Place your two pieces as shown.

I marked the center of the back ground piece with a pin.  Now we are going to connect (on the right in the picture) the red square of the bottom block and the navy square of the top block.

We’re doing this like we always have…right sides together…sewing from the edge to the seam making sure the seam allowances don’t get caught in the stitching and back stitching at the seam.

It should look like this….

Now on the left, in the photo above, there is a black square on the bottom block and a blue square on the top block, they are going to get sewn together following the same instructions as previously stated.

Now, each side should be connected but the middle shouldn’t be.  See the opening in the photo below?

Now pin that together like we have in the past….

Then sew the pieces together like we have in the past.

Pull the pins and it should look like this….

Now that you have the idea of sewing it all together, it gets easier and easier to work with these curves.  I have had many notes from blog readers saying that they were so intimidated to make this quilt but are now pleasantly surprised that all is going well.

Next week we’ll attach a pair of rows-  that is much of the same so worries…but before you go, share how you’re doing.

I’ll be back next week. I really have to kick myself in gear. My quilt got set aside so that I could work on the baby quilt…but the Daylilies quilt on the frame got me behind on that too. AH…I need a few days to sew to get everything caught up!!

4 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along”

  1. I too understand the craziness of the harvest season(with most fields too wet) and all the additional fall activities. It does make one look forward to winter just a bit when most of the outdoor tasks are done for the season. Not to be a downer but SW Wisconsin is expecting killing frost Friday night.

    Your dbl wedding ring quilt will be beautiful. Following your so so so clear instructions and gaining confidence in making one due to your cheerleading! Maybe this winter.

    I look forward to reading your daily posts and appreciate all the time and thought that goes into each one

  2. My goodness you have just made my day Thank you Sooo much. I do my drunkards paths this way but never thought to do it with this pattern, Im at present unpicking, recutting blocks from the 1930’s I will resew them with your method Thank you again Cheers Glenda PS Fabulous blog to visit.

  3. I have my mother’s double wedding ring in different stages in a small suitcase. She was doing it all by hand. I have really old directions with her template out of tissue paper and also plastic. Would love to finish . Don’t know if I could machine sew it from now on. What’s your thoughts?

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