Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

If you made it through last week’s instructions, you’ll do just fine with this week’s instructions.

It’s time to sew the connecting melon in place.  Again all the work will be done with the center blue background piece on top.

With right sides together, pin the middle of the background to the middle of the melon.

Then move towards the corner where the melons intersect.

Just like we did last week, the seam allowances need to be flipped back so that when we sew, we don’t sew them down.

Once they are manipulated, pin them in place.

Then put two pins in between the corner and middle pin.

Now move to the opposite corner.

Flip those seams back and pin in place.

Then put two pins in between the corner and middle pin…like this…

Now it’s time to sew.  You want to line up right next to the start of the last stitching start- right where the first pin is.  Remember to leave the 1/4″ at the end unsewn.

Back stitch then start sewing along.

You need your fingers in close at times so sew very slowly.  At times, you may need to stop and adjust the wedge that you are sewing this to.  You can see just a smidgen of purple is sticking out.  I stop with needle down and then scoot my hand underneath and pull that piece out a bit.

I’m rounding the corner to the finish.  I stop AT THE PIN not at the end of the fabric.

Back stitch.

Remove the pins and you should have this.  YAHOO!!  It’s looking good.

I think now you can see why I say that with this quilt, I spent more time pinning than actually sewing.  It’s looking good and it gives me a car project (I pin in the car all the time)…

I’ll be back next week. Then we start adding a third melon and before long, we’ll be sewing rows.

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  1. I’m not working on this quilt at this time. But I’m glad you are showing step-by-step on how to go about making this quilt. I know that I can just search your blog for these instructions whenever I get ready to make the Wedding Ring quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.

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