Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

**We gathered all of the Double Wedding Ring posts in one page.  If you want to review a past step or start your own quilt you can all of the posts here.**

This week we have an easy step…but be forewarned, this is the very last easy step.  After this clue, it’s all about curves and more and more and more PINNING!!  If you thought we pinned on previous clues, there’s more pinning now.  I joke when people ask about this quilt that I think I spend more time pinning than sewing.  Well I really don’t think it’s a joke.  So much pinning goes into this quilt….but that’s for next week.  Let’s talk about this week’s clue.

We are going to attach two melons together.  It’s easy-peasy.

This is going to seem like a really awkward step and you’ll likely wonder how it’s all going to quite work.  No worries.  As long as you follow the step, I promise it will come together.

What we are doing is prepping the melons so we can attach them to the center background piece.  Like the picture shown below.  No worries that it currently isn’t laying exactly flat.  I haven’t ironed it yet.

Before we can do that…we first need to attach two melons each other.  If you lay them out as I did below, you’ll start to get the idea.

If you remember the last segment that was added to each end of the wedges were squares.  Well we’re sewing the squares together.  Notice in the picture below, I am matching up the two seams.  The top seam is pressed to the left and the back seam is pressed to the right.

Match them up but then do this…
Pin the top seam back so it too is going to the right.  (I know this is against the norm but it’s all okay)

Put it into your machine and start sewing.

Stop a stitch before the seam.

See my photo below.  It should look about like that.

Now pull the pin.  Release the seam.

Let it fall back into it’s original place.

Once opened up, it should look like this.  I don’t iron mine yet.  (I know, some of you are cringing)  Next week, I’ll show you how we’re going to attach these.  It’s MUCH easier that it currently looks.

That’s it.  That is all we’re doing this week.

Catch back up with me here next week…and I’ll telling you about all the pinning we will be doing.

7 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I have dug my UNFINISHED DWR parts out and your method is SO MUCH EASIER. I hope I can refind the clues to get mine done. Life has gotten in the way but I appreciate SO MUCH you doing this and look forward to FINALLY having a DWR quilt. I need to finish the last clue but only now has time opened up for that.

  2. re: freezer meals. Go to Pinterest or Jamerill’s Large family table. Her meals are large she has 8 children! They are easy to make smaller. I cook for 4-6 people daily and her recipes have been great. For the past few months I make freezer meals and it is wonderful!!

  3. Hi, Jo, will you be storing these weekly segments under Double Wedding Ring Quilt Tips on your blog? Thanks for these wonderful tutorials!

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