Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

**We gathered all of the Double Wedding Ring posts in one page.  If you want to review a past step or start your own quilt you can all of the posts here.** anyone still quilting along with me??

First off…let me say this…DON’T TRY TO KEEP UP.  There is no way to do it.  This is an intense quilt and with lots of time that needs to go into it and it isn’t even piecing time….IT’S PINNING TIME.  I have never pinned so much in my entire life..Ever, Never, Ever!

I am going to go on with some instructions though as some people are only doing a couple rings and testing things out to see if they like it.

This week is something easy.  Ah…..

So last week we took these arches and added them onto the melon.  Remember?

Well there should have been left over ring arches….lots of them 220 of them.  Well all of those ring arches need a square on the end of them.

Happily, this is easy sewing….easy chain piecing.

Pick pieces that go with your ring arch and sew them on.  Easy Peasy.

One for the right side….

One for the left side.

Ironing is easy too.  Here’s what you do….The seam NEEDS to go towards the square that was just added.  I lay the piece out and hold it like this ironing the seam TOWARDS the square as I go.

Then I do the same for the other side again, the seam goes TOWARDS the newly added square.

Here’s a finished piece.

Eventually this will be added to the unit we made last week…but that’s for another day.

Every so often we need an easy week and this one is it!!

I’ll see you back here next week.  Don’t worry if you’re not caught up on each step.  No one really should be.  This is a monster quilt to make!!

6 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along”

  1. I am cutting more pieces to finish up arches and then will start cutting these end pieces to add to the ends of the arcs. Glad to have an easy week to try to catch up some.

  2. Jeanne in Ohio

    I’m using the Marti Michell templates and only making a table covering (4 rings). I’ve always loved DWR but I thought it would be hard. I’m so glad I tried it, since it isn’t that difficult at all! Thanks for the QAL. I wouldn’t have tried it without you. This is a quilt I will make again!

  3. I just had my templates made at Tap Plastics and will pick them up today. Cutting will commence soon, but only for the rings. I haven’t found the perfect fabric in enough yardage at a good enough price (ha ha) for the majority of the quilt.

  4. I made my own templates and have cut out quite a number of wedge pieces and also have been keeping up with my sewing…I am really enjoying this! I always thought the DWR looked kind of daunting but the directions are so precise it makes it easy…Don;t know yet how many sections I’ll make…am currently using “scrap ” squares from a bag I purchased at an estate sale for $5.00…May decide to make one somewhere down the line with better material…but for now not really having to spend much to make this!!

  5. Still working along with you Jo. Piecing by hand so I can work outside. Thanks for all the tips you are sharing.

  6. I’m so glad my center is already done because I’m still trying to finish up another project so I can join in with you. Ahh, the memories of sewing arcs and melons! Hopefully, I’ll be ready to get back to work on the borders of mine by next week.

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