Double Wedding Ring from a Viewer….

Blog reader Dee sent a email….it was entitled Double Wedding Ring Flimsy.  I was having quite the day today so seeing some happy mail in my inbox was WONDERFUL!!

Dee writes:

I just wanted to show you my flimsy. I would have never of tried this on my own. I only made mine 7 x 7. Hope you and your family is doing fine.

Oh my…the blue fabric is fun.   I love the colors….Perfect.  Here’s a close up.

As I read her note and looked at the pictures, my eyes roamed to the date on the computer….CRAP.  I completely forgot about posting an update about our Double Wedding Ring quilt along.  I was supposed to do that on the 15th.  UGH…Life is running away from me.  There’s too much to keep track of.

I’ll try to do a post and link up soon….in the meantime, enjoy Dee’s version.  She did a marvelous job.

Thanks so much for sharing Dee!  I love it.

8 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring from a Viewer….”

  1. Dee did do a marvelous job. And instead of faulting yourself for putting more pressing life things first, think about how you’ve inspired and empowered some folks to tackle a “bucket list” quilt.

  2. Dee did a beautiful job on her double wedding ring. I do like the darker middle than the light colored middle. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dee’s quilt is beautiful—lots of sparkle! The more of these I see made with the darker background fabric the better I like the effect.

  4. What a great finish Dee! and I really like the blue as a background. This quilt is on my bucket list to do. Jo, breathe, we are with you and we understand how crazy your life is right now. I’m glad to just see a post and no you are all doing okay.

  5. Jo, With all that is going on in your life, I am amazed that you even have time to write a blog. Thank you so much for taking the time. I enjoy hearing about you, your family, quilting, farming, etc. All things that are close to my heart. I hope to make a Double Wedding Ring someday and I have the same pattern of Hawaiin Sunset in my bucket list pile.

  6. Mary Etherington

    Jo – if you need to take a break from this blog, please do that. We will all be here when you come back! Or maybe post only twice a week for awhile – I know how long posting can take. Why dont you relax at the sewing machine instead? Oh, I feel bad for you, Jo! I so wish I were closer and I’m so sorry to hear the bad news from Jody as well.

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