Double Wedding Ring Check In

I had hoped to have a lot of double wedding things done but alas.  It didn’t happen.

When I last left you back in October I was here….

I kept working on it until I got to here…..

That’s when I figured out that I needed more blocks.  In the original I had made the quilt in a 10 x 10 setting.  I thought I had enough fabric and could make an 11 x 11 setting.  So more blocks.  I thought about working and attaching all the rows I did have done but thought it would be better if I worked on blending the new blocks with the old just in case there were fabrics in the old blocks that weren’t in the new.

That’s about when I realized that I had to get going if I was going to get my Tulip Fields quilt done for my string challenge.  So away went the double wedding ring quilt.  Far away.

I pulled what I had out to write this post.  UGH.  I dropped the ball for sure on this quilt.  Sadly, I think it’s going to stay in the UFO pile.  I have it in me to try to hit up the quilting machine pretty hard and try to get caught up on some of the quilting.  It’s just at the stage that it isn’t terrible but if I don’t handle it now, it’s going to become too much!  I hate when that happens so chain me to the quilting machine!!!

So for now I have four rows together…three more rows ready to attach…

Then these that are sewn into two’s.

Then these that need to be sewn.  I’m over half way so that’s good.
I’m making March 15th as my goal to have the quilt finished.  That’s Kelli’s wedding anniversary…and Kelli is who I made the original quilt for.

I think that’s a realistic goal…I can putz on it a little in between other projects.  It is not a quilt for a “fast sew”.  I sure do love it though.

Let’s try to get back together and share our progress.

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  1. I have 39 of the of the centers done with 2 melons on them. I am thinking of making mine with 49–7 x 7blocks. Want to see how big it will be than. I have never did binding on a curve so I think that may be all i can handle. I really love it though. It is coming out much better than I expected. I have one row with 6 blocks sewed. I have put it aside to do the mystery quilt, but I am using the little pieces to make the melons as leaders and enders in the mystery. I am going to try and get it done after the mystery.

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