We’ve been in the house four weeks now…Wow.  It doesn’t seem that long!  The first week was spent just trying to get into some type of functioning status and since then little by little a few projects have been getting done.

For some families, not having doors on all of the rooms would be a huge problem.  Occasionally the lack of bathroom doors was a little inconvenient but being we have three bathrooms, we just went to a different bathroom where the people weren’t.  Although I had getting doors a little bit higher on the priority list than Hubby did, they didn’t get put on until this weekend and only two of the six got put up.  That’s okay.  The two that got put up were the ones I really wanted done.

One of the delays…although Hubby is really good at fixing, finish work is not his strong suit.  He doesn’t like it as good and doesn’t feel as confident about his skills in that area.  For the first two weeks of living here he debated about getting the carpenters back to help with the door hanging.

Then Saturday he picked the easiest door to install and just did it.  SUCCESS!!


It was a bit of a challenge but he did it.

We aren’t in love with the stain color on this door.  We’d really prefer it a little darker and someday, we’ll likely refinish it but for now, it’s great.  The closet isn’t completely done.  I still need to be able to hang the broom but we’re getting close.


Getting the easier one done built his confidence and then he tackled the harder one…the bathroom door.


I am happy.  Now the broom closet has a door…and the lower bathroom has a door.  I am happy!!

You might remember that we repurposed these doors from a house that was going to be torn down in Chester, Iowa.  (You can read all about that here if you missed it.)

The bathroom door was harder as the framing around the doors have to be cut down to fit in place before they can be installed.

Of course we still need trim but little by little things are happening.  I am so proud of my Hubby…he just keeps checking projects off the list.  What more could a girl want?

6 thoughts on “Doors!!”

  1. Tell hubby he’s doing a great job and your readers are excited in seeing what you both
    Have accomplished. Your house is going yo be amazing when done

  2. Hi Jo
    I love yellow roses and so did my Mom. My husband still insists on buying me red roses after almost fifty years of marriage. In fact he brought some home today. because I wouldn’t let him buy any for Valentine’s
    You have done so much in the four weeks you have been in your new home. Blessings Sandra

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