Donut Holes

At the thrift store -before COVID- I picked up a church cookbook.  It’s one from the church I go to but was published when we didn’t belong so I didn’t have one.

I was thrilled when I was paging through and found this recipe.

I had gotten a copy of the recipe years ago from Judy the lady who contributed the recipe before it was put in the cookbook.  She is known far and near for these donuts.  They are really good…my kids love them.

Well I made them for my kids all the time.  Kramer loved them so it got so I made a double batch.  I spilled something on the recipe and it was enough that the card was going to be ruined so I quick grabbed a paper and tried to write the recipe down…but rather than write it the way it was printed I doubled it as that’s how I always made them anyway.  I thought I had it but the next time I went to make them with the recipe I tried to copy down, they didn’t turn out.  I tried again and again they didn’t turn out.

I’m guessing that I forgot an ingredient or that I didn’t double one of the ingredients.  UGH.  My recipe was lost.

As I was standing in the thrift store I was paging through the cookbook and YAHOO.  The donut hole recipe was in the cookbook.  I put it in my car and did the happy dance all the way home.

A couple days later, I made them…YUM.
They technically aren’t donut holes as they aren’t the hole of donuts. It’s a batter and it’s dropped into the oil.  The dough expands as it fries.

They have to be flipped so both sides fry.

Once they come out, a quick roll in a cinnamon/sugar combo that’s mixed together.

The childcare kids are going to be so happy I made them.   I had to send a picture of them to the donuts to my kids just to tease them….I can guarantee that Kalissa will stop by on her way home to get one.  The other kids likely would too if they lived a little closer.

6 thoughts on “Donut Holes”

  1. Those look yummy! I think I will try them. I don’t usually fry anything but maybe once or twice would be okay.

  2. I have a recipe for donut holes! I have not made it in many years, but this sounds like what I made, except that my recipe said to roll them in powdered sugar… They’re were so good!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. My mom made these and I made them when my kids were little from the old red and yellow Betty Crocker cookbook.

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