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My cousin Donna is an accomplished quilter and does wonderful work.  Occasionally she has sent me a quilt and I’ve quilted it for her.  In August at our annual family picnic I gave one to her I had finished and she gave me one to do.  I asked her when she needed it done and she said no hurry….

Well Donna lives in Alaska and isn’t home real often so I just put the quilt on the back burner.

Then about a week or so ago I saw that Donna is coming home for her Grandma’s 98th birthday.  Well her Grandma is my Aunt Agnes and I know her birthday is in February so that means I had to get to that quilt… so Saturday I did.

If you follow me on Instagram you likely would have seen this photo.


It took me a bit as I had to piece the back and any time I do anything for someone else I always second guess myself lots.  What color of thread would they want?  What design would they want?  Then I remembered that I had asked and she had said-whatever…so whatever is what I did.


I love this edge to edge design motif.  I use it a lot.  It’s nice because it isn’t floral.  So many designs are floral or feminine and I don’t always like that…sometimes yes…. but I thought this quilt already had enough feminine with the colors.   This design is one I can easily do so that was the pick.

I did a big debate on thread color and ended up with using purple.  Black seemed too much…the pink more feminine again.


This is the backing that was sent to go with.  It has a pretty swirl to it.  Again the big debate on thread.  I have a light grey that matched pretty good but I opted to not use that.  My tension is set good on the machine but still occasionally a thread will show from the back to the top and I didn’t want any grey thread showing on the top.

I called Kelli and she suggested using a variegated purple and that’s what I did.

Here are a few more shots of the quilting.


You can see why it’s one of my favorite motifs.  It can go on many quilts.

I am so glad to have this one done.  Like I said, I’m always so nervous to have other people’s quilts here to work on.  I just never know if they are going to like them.  Plus I am really a not picky person on my own quilts and I know that others are more picky.  I just never want to disappoint.  That’s why I just can’t do machine quilting for a living.

This one is all bundled up waiting to it’s owner.  Ah…I am so glad.  I have one of my own on the frame now.  I can’t wait for it to be done too!

I’ve had a few requests for me to do some posts on free motion quilting.  Is that something more would be interested in??

23 thoughts on “Donna’s Quilt”

  1. Yes, I would love to learn something besides my meandering. Your blog is great read it every day. Check for new posts morning and night. Thank you

  2. In the first photo, what is the name of the quilt/designer of the quilt hanging on the wall in the background? I don’t free motion quilt but I’d like to hear about it!

  3. Last year was supposed to be my year of free motion quilting. Didn’t quite work out that way. Maybe I can work on it after my guild’s show in April.

  4. YES! I would love some posts on FMQ! I bought a long arm a year ago and I am SO intimidated by it! I’m comfortable with meandering but want to do more. What
    is the next easiest design to learn? One can read tips all over the web but I like your common sense approach to your quilting. Everyone makes it look so easy but when I try the design, it’s a disaster!

  5. I would love to see some free motion quilting posts please Jo…oh I love the design you used on your Aunt’s quilt…bet she loves it!!!! I love that quilt top pattern too…I made one using Valori Wells’ Wrenly fabrics. The simple big blocks showcased the large prints beautifully…can’t wait to see your quilt on the frame!! Cheers xx

  6. You did a great job with the quilting! I know what you mean about working on other people’s quilts. I’ve been asked if I’ll quilt for others and I tell them this is strictly a hobby. If I started doing it for $$, it would become like work and not nearly as enjoyable.

  7. I would love more info on long arm quilting. I got a long arm this summer and I’m still learning pantographs and free motion stuff. So far, I’ve gotten a great link to a long arm quilter from you. I just ordered a book that you recommended a few months ago too. I appreciate what you’ve shared so far!

  8. Definitely would love to hear more on free motion quilting…your blog is always entertaining and informative!!

  9. I love hearing different people’s thoughts on techniques and skills like FMQ. I’m trying to work my way up to trying it again, so I’m even more interested. Nice job here, and I totally understand worrying more about other people’s stuff than my own.

  10. It turned out wonderful!!! Molly picked out the colors about 10 years ago and Mom was gonna make her a quilt. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so I asked Mom to send me the fabric and that was the pattern that they chose. I’m sure Dale will appreciate the lack of flowers. I can’t wait to see you in February.

  11. Yes, Please…Please share machine quilting tips…I would be using a Juki home machine—a nice bed size…I do straight line quilting or a simple stipple sometimes(or send them out!) I always am afraid to wreck my quilt learning….

  12. I always enjoy your information of quilting. I have a mid arm machine, so any help would be appreciated. Love your Blog! Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  13. Yes I would love to hear more about the quilting. I have had a long arm for about a year and half. I have good days and bad days of quilting!! Always interested in hearing and learning more.

  14. Yes please share more on FMQ. I have a Sweet Sixteen sit down machine that hasn’t had nearly enough usage! I can’t seem to move past stippling!

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