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I have great news!!  Donations are going to Cedar Rapids.   I talked to Sandra of the Cresco quilters and told her I was taking her last bunch of finished quilts to Cedar Rapids and would donate them there.  Well that put Sandra and quilting ladies in gear and they ended up coming to my house with MORE QUILTS…MANY more!!

Check out this pile.

There were 42 quilts in the pile.  AMAZING!!

I pulled a few that were on top and decided to share them with you….  I know so many of you are charity quilters and love seeing the quilts others are making as you use them as inspiration.

This bunch is very inspiring…

The ladies love donations of orphan blocks.

This next baby quilt was so fun…
It has a flannel backing and is sure to be loved.

Look at the precious frog quilting motif.  I love it!

This one is bright and cheery!!

I love seeing quilts that used things we all donated to them.  I am sure that piece of fabric that says Duck, Duck, Goose came from a blog reader that I passed on to them.

This one was fun.  I had to look twice to see the pattern.

Here is a closer look.

Oh, so pretty in pink.  I love brown and pink together.

This one made me smile too.  The backing is a sheet I donated to them.  It’s perfect for this quilt!

That was a small sampling of the quilts that are headed to Cedar Rapids.  Kalissa is taking them on Wednesday morning.  Right now she is collecting money donations to purchase supplies to be delivered with the quilts.

She works the overnight tonight and tomorrow morning is stopping at Walmart to purchase requested items.

If anyone wants to donate, you are welcome to.  Kalissa’s Paypal is  If you’re a Venmo user you can find her as Kalissa Friedman on Facebook.  If you want to send a check, you can do that as well.  Just send it to me.

This is the first time Kalissa is bringing donations but she plans to continue to collect donations and deliver them every time Gannon has an appointment in Iowa City as she drives through Cedar Rapids to get to the appointments.

I’m so impressed with the Cresco Lady Quilters and with Kalissa for taking her time to do this…

The Cresco ladies plan to donate more quilts.  They are in need of batting and backing fabric.  They accept sheets for backings so feel free to consider that as well.  If you have anything to send their way, this is Sandra’s email….

Thanks so much…

14 thoughts on “Donations to Cedar Rapids”

  1. So many generous donations and all beautiful! Thank you quilters Jo, and Kalissa. So many will feel loved and hugged by this generosity.

  2. Thank you Jo for getting the ball rolling with the quilt donations to the Cedar Rapids area. I know this will bring comfort to a lot of people. I have family members that farm near Iowa City, so I have seen some of the devastation. God bless all of you for donating and making a difference!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Wow! 42 quilts! Cresco ladies are doers of the Word. Thank you Jo for sharing. It will be September before I can donate. Thank you and Kalissa for the work you’re doing. I watched a slide show of the damage. I’m so thankful so few were hurt.

  4. Good bless all helpers. The best idea. I am so happy. Thank you jofor getting the b with the quilt donation cade rapid area. All of you god bless.


    I wouldn’t have known things were so bad but for reading your blog, nothing on the national news until last night! New people are not reporting the news any more just their veiws!

  6. This is so lovely! My cousin in Cedar Falls posted the damage done to her trees and her house. It was amazing that more people were not killed. Still, so hard without power and with so much damage in the area. A beautiful quilt to the persons in the thick of it will be so comforting. I so appreciate your effort!

  7. I have several yards of flannel, suitable for babies’ or children’s blankets. Where in the Cedar Rapids area can I donate fabric?

    Thank you!

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