Doll Quilts

I have unearthed all sorts of things when I’ve been packing.  Today’s find…Doll Quilts.

Back when Kelli and I went and saw Bonnie Hunter when she was at the Mississippi Valley Quilt Guild we learned about doll quilts.   Their guild makes MANY of them and they were asking people to make more as they were short and needed more for distribution.  Kelli and I both thought we’d go home, whip some up and send them their way.

We did go home and we did whip some up…they didn’t get sent their way though.


They requested some that were “boy” friendly.  I had leftover blocks from my Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt (the class that I attended while there) and thought this simple top might work.


I had other left over blocks that were just bordered and put into a box.

I know they aren’t fancy but after seeing the examples they showed, ours are very similar.

I pulled the doll quilts out of the box and counted…24 doll quilt tops are stuffed in the box.  I probably should have taken the time to quilt them but at this point with this house move, I’m just lucky to get the tops in the mail.

So be watching gals…a box is headed your way..and sorry about 3 year delay in getting these to you!!  Has it really been three years??  I still have a quilt that I haven’t finished from the classes I took.  Maybe it’s time to pull that one out!

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  1. I’m about to move from TX to IL and who knows what I unearth! I already can’t find anything as I’ve staged the house to sell and have tossed and stuffed and stashed and moved things to a storage unit. Oh Lordy!

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