Doll Quilts for Donation

I am busy cleaning house getting ready for the big open house here on Saturday…but sometimes it’s just easier to finish a project rather than find a place to keep a half finished project.

Last night after I couldn’t do any more cleaning I grabbed the miscellaneous quilt blocks that I had laying around and started adding borders and such to them to make doll quilts for the Mississippi Valley Quilters.  These are nothing fancy but they are finished!!  A finish is always good.

There are four like this one.  These are leftovers from when I did a video tutorial on how to make the block Chisel Star with an AccuQuilt Go.  I ended up making four like this.

This is leftover pieces from playing with a Rob Peter to Pay Paul die.  There’s a video for that too.

Here’s one from leftovers from my Moda Bake Shop Quilt, 1934 Nine Patch.

The last one is leftovers from an upcoming Moda Bake Shop project that I think will be featured in January.

How is that for a teaser?  I actually finished seven in all.

They aren’t fancy but just fine.  The Mississippi Valley Quilters will take these tops and turn them into doll quilts for Head Start kids.  I think that’s a worthy cause….

Now back to getting ready for the party!!

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