Doll Clothes Crazy..and Awesome Customer Service!!

Our daughter Kelli is doll clothes crazy.  She recently bought a bunch of doll clothes patterns and she has been sewing like crazy.  She bought a bunch of clothes for our thrift store when they had a $2 bag sale.  She has made some pretty cute things.  In fact, Kelli and Kayla couldn’t resist “playing dolls” with the new clothes Kelli made.

Trying the clothes on the dolls wasn’t enough.  Poor Ruby even had to be a model!!

After this the girls started talking about American Girl dolls.  They had always wanted one as kids but we never had the money.  It’s something they always wished they would have had.

Finally after a long conversation, I think I am buying each of them an American Girl doll for Christmas….only problem, the ones they originally really wanted are retired.  No Felicity and no Kirsten.  After looking and looking on line at the dolls they each picked one.

I ordered them online but screwed up the order.  I called the company and got the recorded message.  I pushed one button to direct my call and then immediately to a customer service agent.  I didn’t wait.  The gal was super polite and reassured me that what I did regularly happens and that I was not an inconvenience at all.  Impressive service that’s for sure!!  Thumbs up to American Girl for providing the best customer service I have had  in years!!

…and here’s to full filling a child hood dream even if it is 15 years too late.

9 thoughts on “Doll Clothes Crazy..and Awesome Customer Service!!”

  1. Arghh! It’s too bad you already ordered the dolls because I have both of them I’m willing to part with. Both are in their original boxes with books and some accessories. They were only gently played with and are very clean. I even have the sewing patterns, although they have been cut. The dolls are even the right “vintage”. I can email you a picture if you would like.

  2. Lucky girls! My mom wouldn’t get them for us because we cut Barbie’s hair. I’m 33 and STILL WANT ONE. And of course, Kirsten is retired.

  3. I love those dolls! You can find some on eBay, at okay prices if you don’t mind waiting plus you can send them to the “doll hospital” for a makeover if they are a little dinged :)

  4. I always wanted one of those when my daughter was a little girl. She saved up her money and got Felicity. I couldn’t justify getting one for myself. Samantha was my favorite back in the day and she is retired too. Now I’m 60 and still want one. Josefina would be my choice now, but I still don’t think I can afford it. : )

    However, I have been having fun making doll clothes since my granddaughters were given used American Girl dolls by a mom whose daughters had outgrown them. I think that the KwikSew doll clothes patterns are the best and the easiest to put together. Have your daughters tried those?


    P.S. I hope that come Christmas you’ll let us see which dolls you got them.

  5. My daughter has an American Girl Doll and I have spent many hours making doll clothes for Elizabeth. I purchased the patterns when they were 99 cents at JoAnn’s. I have used up a ton of scrap fabric and some old jeans and sweat shirts making adorable outfits. If you ever get to the Mall of America you have to check out the AG Doll store, my daughter and I could spend half a day there. My sons “can’t figure out why you want to look at all these little clothes”. Boys don’t get it:)

    You girls are going to LOVE their dolls.

  6. Our daughter had the Samantha Parkington doll because that was the one that looked most like her and she liked the stories for that doll. It was a lot of money to spend and I know at the time I had to really think about it. I have her sitting on a storage bench in my sewing room dressed in her original outfit. I do have the pattern for additional outfits and some day I want to make them. The additional outfits were also very expensive so I just stuck to additional stockings and shoes thinking I could make more which I never had time for. Since she is a retired doll now I am glad that we did spend the money on it and someday my daughter will probably want it back.

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