Doing the Shuffle…The Refrigerator Shuffle

Two weeks ago in among all the worry with Gracie, the garage refrigerator died and the ice maker in the kitchen refrigerator went out.  What to do…  We debated about having no garage refrigerator but that didn’t sound good.  Hubby like cold beer and to be honest, I do too.  We debated about just buying a small garage refrigerator but that didn’t sound good either as our kitchen refrigerator is over 8 years old.  We decided to do a little refrigerator shuffle.  To save a little money Hubby and I decided we would just pick it up ourselves and not have them deliver it…well 8 days later we finally…

took the old garage refrigerator out…

took the old kitchen refrigerator out of the kitchen and put it in the garage….There’s no excuse not to have a chilled bottle of wine now.

and put the new refrigerator in place in the kitchen.

The salesman at the appliance store we a little frustrated with me.  He asked what we were looking for..I said freeze drawer on the bottom…one large door on top, and less than 35″ wide.  There was one option and I took it.  He tried to “upgrade” us but I knew what I wanted and there was only one choice.  For me, the fewer choices the better.  I am horrible at decision making.

So here’s to a new refrigerator…may it live a LONG life.

11 thoughts on “Doing the Shuffle…The Refrigerator Shuffle”

  1. Another really good thing that came out is the GE electric range with two ovens – a small one on top and a large one on the bottom. Someone is finally getting smart and realizing empty nesters like these types of considerations. Like no bending. Enjoy from Judy C

  2. I don’t own two refrigerators, but a huge freezer in the laundry room full of frozen food and goods I can’t find in Cancun… you got me thinking here… I might need a refrigerator, too!

  3. We got a new kitchen refrigerator last spring that looks just like the one you got and I love it! Our 21 year old kitchen refrigerator is doing service in the garage, too!

  4. Judy D in upstate NY

    Jo, what brand is your new refrigerator? It looks exactly like the one I want/need. NO bells and whistles , narrow with the freezer on the bottom.

  5. Can you e-mail me where you got your refrigerator and price range. We want to do the same…but haven’t been able to find one under the 35″. I love having an extra refrig in the garage…I keep all my jellies in it’s freezer and store all the gator-ade, iced tea, pop and extra milk and juices in it. Don’t know how I would get by with just one! (And there are only two of us!) but lots of grandkids!

  6. You guys did a great job picking out the fridge so fast! Having a smaller fridge forces you to buy only what you need at any given moment. It’s just about impossible to overstock a small fridge, meaning that you will waste far less food and money in the long run.

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