Dog Sitting and Quilting…two things that don’t mix

Over the weekend we dog sat.  My husband wasn’t all for the idea (I literally had to beg to get a house dog) until I pointed out that when we go away, they will probably take Gracie for us.  That made the prospect a whole lot more appealing to him. 

Kobe, the dog we were sitting for, was adopted from the same home that Gracie, our beagle, came from so they get along great and are good friends…most of the time. 

Saturday I was busy quilting….   I got the blocks sewn together and had just finished  laying the blocks out on the dining room floor when flying into the room came Gracie and Kobe with their own little version of WWF wrestling. 


Of course my quilt blocks became the wrestling ring….Before we knew it, there were quilt blocks everywhere.  Luckily it is just a baby sized quilt so there weren’t many pieces. 

I casually took the camera and snapped a photo of the dogs wrestling while our daughter, Kalissa, yelled, “Mom why aren’t you stopping them!!”   I just smiled and said…”I’ll just blog about it.”  My life has gotten much less stressful since I started blogging…when things happen that I normally would have gotten frustrated about, like the day Gracie locked us out of the Suburban,  I just laugh and look at it as an opportunity to share a silly story with all of you.

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