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My son Buck lives outside of Lisbon, Iowa.  As he was doing errands and playing chaufer on Monday afternoon, he passed by a dog that was in the road.  He stopped, got the dog out of the road and headed back to where Buck presumed was the dog’s home.  Buck went on his way to do his errands.

He drove past the same place some time later and the dog was still there.  That put Buck in a terrible spot.  He had checked the tags on the dog the first time around and there were no identification tags.  There were rings on the collar to hold identification tags, but there was no tag.  Buck started wondering if the dog had been dumped.  Ugh.

Buck didn’t know what to do so decided that he’d try to find the dog’s home.  He opened the truck door and the dog hopped in.  He ended up taking the dog to the vet and and the vet checked him for a chip…and….no chip.  UGH.

Buck talked to the vet and later to the police.  No one had called in about their dog being missing.

So…Buck took the dog home.  Buck and the vet had decided this dog lived his life outdoors.  He had an “outdoorsy smell”…but oh my, he was friendly.  Really friendly.

Buck plans to call the Humane Society today but unless they are a no kill shelter, he won’t take him there.  He’s hoping maybe they know of someone who is missing the dog.

He’s a rottweiler and they don’t get a good rap.  He’s older…also another characteristic that makes dogs less adoptable.

Buck wouldn’t mind keeping him, but they moved into their house in November and don’t even have grass planted.  All there is for the dog outdoors will be dirt and mud for some time.  He doesn’t feel that’s the best for the dog.  Lora also isn’t a fan.

They are both worried that no one will claim this dog and it will be up to them to find a home for him.  He’s super sweet and very gentle from all Buck has learned about him so far.

Does anyone recognize this dog.  He’s from the Mount Vernon, Lisbon area in Iowa?  If they can’t find his owners, is anyone interested in adopting this sweet boy?  Does anyone have any suggestions so we can help find his owner or a good home for him?

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  1. Contact any dog boarding facilities in the area and see if they recognize the dog and post it online if they don’t.

  2. Sharon Malone

    I know Rottweilers have a bad reputation but it is usually how they have been treated and this one sounds like he has been treated well being he is so friendly. We had a Rottweiler that was really sweet and friendly but protective of us. We had a greenhouse business at the time and he greeted all customers affectionately. However, they could go only so far up the driveway toward the house before he would start barking as a warning! And he was an outside dog. Didn’t want to be in the house at all.

  3. O goodness, keep him, hell be fine, he lived outdoors he will be fine with dirt, besides he looks very comfortable with him.

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