Dog Obedience Classes

About two weeks ago our family adopted a five year old beagle named Gracie.  Our kids are getting older and some days it’s been kind of quiet around here.  I thought a dog might be just the thing to break up my day….

And break up my day she has….

When we got her we were told she is used to walking 3 miles a day!  Needless to say I have been out walking her every day and for some reason, Gracie doesn’t mind walking in the rain or the mud…I do…but I’m learning I won’t melt.

She was wonderful the first week but in a short time, I found a couple of “piles” in the spare bedroom.  We were suddenly putting our garbage can in the bath tub and EVERYONE was under STRICT orders to keep the bathroom door closed.  Mysteriously the meat from our supper disappeared.  All things aside, we all still really loved her.  Who can’t love big brown beagle eyes….

After one of Gracie’s recent “dumpster diver epsiodes”, I was reading the newspaper and saw dog obedience classes were being offered in our area so I jumped on the opportunity.  I went by myself last week and learned that a good chunk of dog obedience is actually training ME-who knew!  This week Gracie gets to come with me….this should be interesting.

The trainer mentioned  Cesar Millan’s books, Ceasar’s Way and Be the Pack Leader.  I am listening to both the audio versions and have learned plenty.  If your dog has any issues I highly recommend the books.  Our garbage isn’t in the bath tub anymore and guess what else….no more piles!  What progress in one week.

Millan’s books suggest that “I need to be the pack leader”.  I’m trying not to let that go to my head and bossing everyone around…..I can’t wait to see what WE learn next week.  I’ll keep you posted.

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