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We had a busy Sunday.  The kids were home.  We had an outing with friends and Polly needed to go to the Humane Society’s Adoption event.  Even though I have fostered, I’ve never been to an adoption event before.  Even though I wasn’t in the market for a dog, it was nice to see all the dogs that I have heard about and seen on their web site.

Puppies were the biggest attraction at the event!!


It was held at the Good Dog Center and Pampered Pooch in Decorah, Iowa.


This dog, Hunter, was so cool.  He did amazing tricks.  Brenda said that he really needs someone who loves to run or hike.  She says he’s even good off leash.  I really wish he’d find someone…know of any runners looking for a dog??


Kelli really liked him too but we aren’t runners or even fast walkers so we weren’t an option for him.  Besides, Hubby would kill me.  Other dogs would bark but he stayed mellow.


There were LOTS of volunteers there.


Like I said…Puppies were the main attraction.  Homes are needed for a litter of six and Polly….there were plenty of puppies to go around.


Kelli even got into the puppy action.


The ones from the litter of six were all sorts of colors.  They are half spaniel and half shepherd.

A family came hoping to see Polly.  They family had two boys..both who were a little timid.  Cutest, sweetest boys ever but still just a little shy.


As much as I wanted Polly to find a home, part of me just knew that they might be better suited for one of the other puppies.  Honestly all of the puppies in the litter were MUCH more mellow than Polly.

I just thought a mellow puppy would be better for this family.  Just before we left home to go to the event Polly jumped over the baby gate I had up.  She’s a determined little soul and feisty.  She would chase Ruby around the house.  Maybe she wouldn’t be the best dog for the 7 and 9 year old boys.

I pulled one of the litter puppies for them.  It was one of the tan ones in the middle of the bunch below.

By the time they were ready to go, they were requesting that puppy.

I’m not sure what happened…if the pup is available or if they want to complete the adoption.  I just know that they passed on Polly and I think that was good for everyone.

Polly slept on the way home and slept for about and hour and half after the ride home.  Then once she was up, she was all vim and vigor….she was chasing Ruby, running around the house, jumping the baby gate and terrorizing my feet with her little baby teeth.  I never discouraged the family from adopting her.  I did tell them that see was a spit fire though.  In the end, I think Polly discouraged them herself with her little biting teeth.  I’m glad she did though because I think both Polly and the family will be best.

It was fun to attend an adoption event.  I think we’ll try to go again sometime.  It was especially heart warming for people to come and take a dog home.

Follow this link to learn more about the Northeast Iowa Humane Society.

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