Doctor Visit and Update

So Thursday was doctor day.  I was hoping I’d float in, get a clean bill of health and float back out.  That wasn’t to be.  I didn’t get a horrible report but one to keep me on guarded.

On Tuesday I had gone in and had blood work done.  This day was the day to talk about the results.

My Thyroglobulin Tumor Marker level was at 2.1.  If it gets to 10, I’d have to go through the radioactive iodine treatment again.  If it’s over 2 my doctor worries that there’s a chance of re-occurrence of cancer….under 2 she is concerned-but not worried.  The goal is to get it undetectable.  That’s when we’d feel really good and don’t worry.  So that’s where I am.

Right now the plan is to increase the dose of medicine that I am on.  We have to be careful with that though as I can end up with heart palpitations, anxiety and other symptoms.  After I do that for six weeks we will be back to blood testing again.  If I can tolerate that amount of medicine we might have to increase again at that time.  Then in October I am back for a full work up to see the results of the increased meds.

I’m all good and fine with that.  I’m happy there is a plan of action.

The part that I didn’t know, and am not encouraged about, is that this type of cancer has a 30% re-occurrence.  Sometimes it can re-occur ten or more years from now.  That’s all great if I’m on the 70% side..on the 30% side, not so great.

The bottom line, I’m working with the doctor and feel okay with my numbers.

While I was there I talked with her about my diabetes.  Normally I see my family nurse practitioner.  She put me on diabetes meds.  Talking with the endocrinologist, she would not have put me on meds.  Hmm…She said as long as I’m on them to stay there.  I’m on the lowest dose.  She said to stay on the meds and encouraged me to be a little more diligent about what I’m eating-or not eating.  So that’s the plan.  She did a much better job with explaining my numbers and how I am to react to them.  That was the first time this was really explained to me.

I also asked why my A1C (blood sugar) test number increased in the last six months.  She told me that with everything my body has been through in the last six months could easily have raised that number.  She said don’t worry about it now.

So all in all the appointment very informational.  I’m glad I went and glad we have a plan.

Stay tuned….it seems more medical appointments are coming my way.

9 thoughts on “Doctor Visit and Update”

  1. Sorry you didn’t the complete clean bill of health you were hoping for. I’m glad there’s a plan and that it sounds good to you. I just wanted to say that my husband is a type 1 diabetic. I know that stress has a huge effect on his blood sugar readings and therefore, the a1c. I know it’s one more thing you didn’t want to hear though. Hang in there!

  2. One diabetic to another, eat lots of salads. My life is salad, meat, and veggies. Very little carbs. Its the pits but I do feel better.

  3. Elizabeth McDonald

    Jo, you continue in my prayers and Good Thoughts. This doctor sounds like a gem, someone who cares and is willing to explain things without sugar-coating. Perhaps your diabetes is not as severe as you had been led to believe? That would be good news! Hang in there, and follow your doctor’s guidance, while enjoying every day. So many people care about you and are pulling for you!

  4. Like you said not the best news. BUT it could have been worse. And you have a good plan of action too.
    Hope you tolerate the Higher dosage of meds. It might make you feel better too.

  5. Keeping you in my prayers. When my husband was being treated for lung cancer I was comforted by a gentleman being interviewed on TV. He was in a third remission from cancer and said he lived for each remission because he knew if his cancer occurred again, there would have been time for a new medicine or treatment to have been developed. Praise the Lord, my husband is still in remission.

  6. It is wonderful that your doctor took the time and went over everything with you. Having a plan for moving forward has got to feel better! I would also suggest avoiding as many carbohydrates that you can. It really does help as I have now lost 100 pounds by doing just that. It took me two years, but I did it and I’m much better for it. Hugs!

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