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So today was Doctor Day for me.  If you’ve been following the blog you know that my blood results are indicating that I have a return of cancer.  I had thyroid cancer back in 2016.  We thought it was gone but it decided it liked me so much that it came back.

If you missed my post about the return cancer, you can find that HERE.

Tuesday we were up and did blood testing and neck ultrasound.  Today…Doctor.

Here’s what we know….NOTHING.

Actually here’s what my doctor said:
She doesn’t think the “lesion” in my thyroid area is the problem.  She thinks the thyroid cancer has likely moved to my lungs.  She said it can be small and not detectable and that could be why nothing is showing up the scans I’ve had done.  We might have to “let it grow” before it’s treated as whatever it is, has to show up on a scan before it can be treated.

She suggested that we have the “lesion” biopsied and a CT chest scan done.  They were able to get me in for the CT scan in the afternoon but not until 3:15pm so we had to wait around for six hours.  They scheduled the biopsy for Thursday.  UGH another day back in Rochester.  Well then they explained that the have a “check” option.  This meant that you can be put on a “check” list and should an opening come up I could get the needle biopsy done.

Luckily both of the procedures happened from the same waiting room.  I went to the receptionist and asked to be on the “check” list for the needle biopsy.  She said -I’ll do better than that, I’ll call back and see if we can get you in on appointment status.  She did and I did get an appointment.  AH..not another trip to Rochester.

The needle biopsy went great.  It was the best one ever.  The doctor had a British accent that was completely in a lullaby tone.  He was super considerate and easy going.  Even though the biopsies are the most fun, he made it completely tolerable.  The whole staff was wonderful and very kind and considerate.

The chest CT was quick…10 minutes in and out.  The only problem…I was suppose to put my arms back and under my head.  I did…the scanner took me under the machine and that’s when my shoulder screamed, “remember, I don’t work this was anymore”  (for any new blog readers I had a shoulder injury that I occasionally have to nurse back to health)  Well there was nothing I could do so while my shoulder was SCREAMING, I just started counting in my mind to make me not think of the pain my shoulder was causing….It was quick but my shoulder is pretty sore.  Nothing terrible but I’ll be tylenoling and nursing it for a bit.

So now I go back on Tuesday to find out the results…I’m hoping there are some answers and we don’t move on to more testing.  We’ll see.  I’m open to wherever this takes me.

If it’s in the thyroid bed (“lesion”) then surgery.  If it’s in my lungs another round of Radio Active Iodine.  If there are no answers, more testing.  All of these are things I can do.

When I got out of testing, Hubby had these for me….TRUFFLES.  My fave.

He was a real trouper.  I had magazines and cross stitch with to keep me occupied.  He had NOTHING.

On the way home I got this picture sent to me….

This is Kelli’s arm.  She was back in to Urgent Care and then transferred over to the ER.  This is her second time into the doctor this week.  She has a horrible throat and coughing a lot.  She’s in that terrible spot in pregnancy that she’s not far enough along for meds and too far along for meds so she has to suffer through it.  They gave her another round of fluids.  She’s off work for 4 days.  They gave her meds to help her not vomit and burn her throat even more.

Hubby and I ended up driving to Decorah and stopped in and checked on her.  She looked run down and beat.  We did what we could, which wasn’t much.  She got sent home so we went home too.

I got home and found this in my mailbox.

Whoop!  Whoop!!  Lou Ann of Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden & Retreat got them into her shop and sent one to me.  How fun is that?

My plan…do a quick clean up around here and then off to bed.  I’m POOPED.  It was a long two days.  I can’t wait to be back to work tomorrow….but first I’m paging through this book!!!

30 thoughts on “Doctor Update”

  1. Sorry things are still unresolved, and that your shoulder has taken a hit in the process. Sending good thoughts for them to figure things out quickly and that treatment will be kind to you. I’m so jealous of your book! Enjoy.

  2. You are a real trouper with the testing. I feel your frustration with more testing and still no answers. Nurse your shoulder yet again and love your enthusiasm for getting back to work. Here’s to prayers for the best outcome for the results yet to come. Sorry you and your family have to go through this one more time.

  3. Arrowhead Gramma

    Prayers will continue to be with you through this journey to finding answers and truly believe in the power of prayer. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

  4. Hope all goes well for all of the family. prayers coming from Wisconsin. Lou got to sell Bonnie’s books in her store, nice………

  5. Jo-keeping you in thoughts and prayers….everyday. SO lucky on the book!!!! I can’t wait to see it……..will order from Bonnie when she gets them in. Take care.

  6. Thoughts and prayers. Rochester is the best! And you have a super thoughtful hubby!
    Hope Kelli gets to feeling better soon.
    Enjoy the book! I’m drooling …

  7. prayers for you and your family to get quick results and treatment. I’m so sorry that has returned. Hubby sounds very caring. Enjoy your new String book! mary

  8. Sending good thoughts from La Crosse. You are in my prayers. Let me know if I can do any medical research for you.

    Tell Kelli I hope she gets feeling better also. Take honey and lemon for the throat – mixed in some hot water. There are many recipes on the Internet. I also saw one that added garlic, but I don’t know if Jason would be happy with that one.

  9. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Praying that God will be merciful, and you will have some answers on Tuesday. I know that I hate waiting for test results. I want to find out the results yesterday and make my plan of attack.

  10. Just know how many prayers are coming your way. Bonnie’s new book is your reward for all you went through and for such a positive frame of mind–chocolate doesn’t hurt either!!! Hugs to you and your whole family that everyone is feeling well & happy by Thanksgiving. Blessings to you all. Janine

  11. Jo, I’m so sorry there are no real answers at this point, continued prayers for good news. Your hubby is a gem to bring you a surprise, chocolates. I sure hope Kelli starts to feel better soon.

  12. Cherie in St Louis

    I feel for both of you. Having been on the Hubby side of things, I can relate to him feeling scared for you. What a way to spoil you…truffles….what a great guy. You have the best attitude which I believe is a huge part of getting through a battle with cancer. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. How lucky are you to have Bonnie’s book aready?? Sorry you tests couldn’t show you any answers. Waiting to know one way or the other is hard.

    Give my best to Kelli. All this illness must be getting her pretty run down. Has she considered not going back to work until after the baby is born unless it’s an insurance thing where she has to keep working for the insurance coverage? Could she maybe go on Amazon & get a couple bottles of Allibiotic? No drugs in it, all natural extracts & oils. Good stuff. I wouldn’t be without it during cold & flu season.

  14. God Bless you, Jo! I concur with Arrowhead Gramma and Paulette V. & all the followers/prayers on your blog! Enjoy your new book from Lou!! God be with the entire staff at Mayo’s and Kelli, all your family, and a squeeze & a wink to your loving hubby!

  15. I’m sorry you are having to deal with all this again. It’s hard enough to go back continually to monitor and then to have them say it might be back is just horrible. We just went through that with our son so I know the emotional roller coaster it can be. Sending you prayers for healing and strength to get through all of this uncertainty. What a blessing to be sent Bonnie’s new book so you can have something to look forward to and be distracted while you’re waiting.

  16. Mary Ann Hentschell

    Here is a tip if you need anymore CT scans……..when you have to raise your arms above your head have them put a pillow under your arms and see if that helps you. I have had lots of CT scans due to lung cancer 22 years ago and now emphysema……always enjoy reading your blog posts…

  17. You are in my prayers, and sending positive thoughts your way. Also prayers for Kelli. I’m glad for you that you received Bonnie’s new book and can begin planning on all the lovely quilts you will make.

  18. I so enjoy reading your blog everyday. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing yourself, your family, your quliting and your day to day life with us all over the world. I look forward to ” hearing from you” tomorrow.

  19. Hi Jo, I had a biopsy yesterday too. Not fun, but tolerable. Waiting for appointments and the results is not fun either. Sorry that you are going through this too. I will be happy to get my results and start whatever treatment that I need. I’m keeping busy and ready to know what I need to do next, just like you! Best wishes!

  20. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I’ll be praying along with you Jo. Seeing my doctor tomorrow after my breast cancer surgery. Hoping for the best which is just radiation and not chemo. Medical science and doctors are so good now and catching things early is key. Hugs!

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