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Today is day two of my visits to Lacrosse to go to the doctor.  Both Monday and today were shot days.  It’s real easy…drive two hours, get a shot, drive back home.  BORING…but easy.  I’ve been listening to books on tape the whole way so at least I have that.  My family has been excellent and has offered to take me but I’ve declined.  I’m not learning anything on these trips from the doctors…it would be a waste of their time.  I want to save all my favors from them on days when I really need them….so far, I don’t need them yet.

While I’ve been off from childcare I’ve been trying to take care of every little piece of personal stuff I need to address.  On the top of that list is my foot.  Yep, the one I had surgery on.  It has not been right.  I’ve been trying to tough it out…been hoping that it’s going to get better, but it hasn’t.  Well…that’s not quite true.  My bunion and big toe are and fantastic.  I’m not having a drop of trouble with that.  My second toe…that has been plaguing me.  It’s tender and sore.  I have a limp and walking isn’t comfortable…so after some encouragement from the chiropractor, I made an appointment.

That happened today…and guess what?  I have to have to have surgery.  YEP.  I do.

The doctor explained it like this….  I was an over achiever in the healing department.  He said this happens from time to time.  After they took x-rays when my cast first came off he said I healed exceptionally well.  I took that as a compliment but actually, it wasn’t the best.  I ended up growing more bone in circle segment of the highlight photo.

Image result for second toe bone spur

To fix it, this is what needs to happen….
He is going to open me up in the same incision as before on my second toe.  He’ll smooth out the rounded “ball” portion and sew me back up.

It’s out patient and shouldn’t take very long at all….NO CAST!!  (Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!)  Just a boot for two weeks.  That’s totally do-able.  It’s all happening on the 21st of April.  I am taking the 24th off too and then I can be back to work.

Oh if this can make me pain free or make me walk without a limp, I am going to be so happy.  At this point I’ll take either option…pain-free or no limp…just not both anymore.

I do think I might call in a favor for this one though…I’ve got Kayla to come help me Friday and Saturday of the surgery.  Hubby will be in the field and he won’t want me alone for a bit.  I’m so happy that she’s willing to come be my helper girl.

11 thoughts on “Doctor Update”

  1. So sorry to hear you have to have surgery on your foot again! I’m glad that it doesn’t sound too bad but I still feel bad for you! You wonderful family will be there for you.

  2. Sorry your plate if full of medical issues again. Here’s hoping that next month everything will be healed and you will be pain and cancer free.

  3. Jo, I’m so sorry you have to go through another surgery. But you sure have a positive attitude and I’m sure that will help in the healing process. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of hand sewing you can save for the recovery time. Good luck!!

  4. Sandra Davidson

    So sorry Jo I know that it has been a trying time but you always handle it with cup full smile .
    I pray that this is has a quick turn around time for you. Blessings Sandra

  5. So glad that the new surgery will be a simple fix and its good you have the boot. Glad you are getting some “book” time on your travels.

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