Doctor Day….

Today was doctor day.  Back to the Mayo Clinic I went.  We hoped to get some answers concerning the tests from last week.

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I was there to find out the result of my testing…

I was hoping we’d find out some answers from the last round of testing…figures were crossed for no more of these stiff not so cute gowns.

Monday morning before childcare I had finally set up my online account for the Mayo Clinic.  I hadn’t had a bill so didn’t know my number and no account could be set up without a number.  Anyway…I looked at my account after I set it up and was upset.  Results for the chest CT scan had come back and the little bit I could read and understand didn’t sound the best to me.  I thought I understood a few small spots.  UGH.  Then I did the bad thing and googled “return thyroid cancer to the lungs”….all things I know better than to do.

I was a little bummed.  Then I sent the test results to Kalissa and Kelli.  Being nurses I thought they might be able to come up with some idea.  They were both confused by the report….Kalissa was doing the “on the bright side things”…Kelli was doing the “don’t borrow trouble” sayings.

I’ll admit to letting my mind wander a little farther than I should have.

So chin up- and new day..the day we’d been waiting for was here.

I had family tagging along.   They took off a lot of the pressure and made it fun.  Having someone to laugh with, even though things are tough and serious, makes the whole matter much easier.

Our trip up included a stop at the Spring Valley Bakery…our favorite.

I stitched on my English paper piecing and pinned my double wedding ring blocks.
We had to wait in the waiting room quite awhile.  I didn’t want to be rude but ended up going and asking if they had forgotten about us after waiting for a half hour.  I was assured that they did have us registered and they’d be calling us back soon.

These two did make the wait not so bad.

Hubby didn’t want anything to do with it.
We finally got called back.

Here’s what we found out….There are five small spots in my lungs.  They are between 1-2 mm.  See the chart below.  That’s a comparison to show the size.

There is no way to test them.  A needle can’t biopsy there.  They are not for certain all cancer.  They could be though.  We have no idea how long they have been there.  As they are, they are not concerning or alarming.  They could take years and years to grow.  They are likely the culprit of the rise in my thyroglobulin tumor marker.  We do need to keep watching them though.

In six months I’ll go back, I’ll have a work up that includes blood tests, neck ultrasound and chest CT.  We’ll compare numbers then.

My doctor in Lacrosse believed in doing annual whole body scans (ones that included a hard diet, shots and week off of work).  This doctor doesn’t.  She believes in watching the specific area and then should something show up, then doing a whole body scan.  That was good news….No more taking a week off of work just for doctor visits.  It doesn’t mean I’ll never have one but I can skip the spring on for now.

I was real upfront and asked for a prognosis…  She said everyone is different.  She said there is no way of knowing but I could be the same for years and years.  She certainly didn’t make this seem like any sort of death sentence.

There is one test that we are waiting to get back before I get the full six months off of doctor visits.  Hopefully those results will be soon.  They were suppose to be in already but aren’t.  She was investigating that.

I think in light of things we got about the best news we could get.  I am so thankful for that….Hope is always a good thing.

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  1. Hang in there Jo, I have a lot of nodules in my lungs and have been getting a CT scan every 3 months for the past year and a half. The number of nodules continue to increase gradually, but I remain without symptoms and some of the nodules shrink while others grow.
    We attempted a biopsy but they only got some scar tissue, so it wasn’t helpful. They found my nodules accidentally while doing an abdominal MRI. As you said, no telling how long they have been there and as yet we are just watching them. My doc said the nodules “are not acting like cancer”. So we continue to watch!

    Like you, I am not going to borrow trouble but sometimes that takes more effort than others. Holding you close in my heart as you travel this leg of your journey. Know you are not alone! Hugs and love!

  2. Well, none of us likes uncertainty when it comes to our health, but doctors are usually pretty straight shooters and this doesn’t sound like it’s immediately terrible. And you’ve got an eye on it early on which tends to be a plus. Here’s hoping you have a great many more years for silliness with your family.

  3. Hope is definitely always a good thing. Sounds like your doctor has a good plan as there’s no sense in chemo if it’s not needed. Hopefully the other test will come back soon with the result you want. You have a great attitude and that is a huge plus in any cancer situation. Continued prayers for you!

  4. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you Jo. So pleased you are being seen at Mayo Clinic. It is one of the best. Continue to keep the faith and know that others are upholding you in prayer.

    May you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. My motto for most of my life has been “don’t worry until someone tells me to worry”. At 69 I can say it has served me well. In the last 10 months I have had a mastectomy, 6 months of chemo (lost hair and toenails), DVT (shots in stomach every 12 hours for a couple of months), and 16 radiation treatments. All the tests now show no cancer and I never wasted time worrying. Live today with peace and joy and “let go and let God”.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. My maternal grandmother always said, “Don’t borrow trouble.” It is eternally appropriate advice, right? Sometimes hard to slow my brain down to absorb that wise advice. You’re a survivor, girl. You got this.

  7. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I choose the half full glass right now! Medical science is so awesome now that they can identify these things. Some of it scares the heck out of you but it is better knowing I think. Keep the positive side. you are always so cheerful!

  8. Sounds like good news to me. These things are always so scary. You have such a great attitude Hugs and prayers Jo

  9. I have a friend who had some small nodules show up. Pet scan done, they just slowly went away. Hope yours do the same. Sending Hugs!

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Every time I see your name I pray God keeps you in the hollow of His hand. I trust the blobs are not cancerous. Will continue to pray for you and your family

  11. I think it is positive news about the size of the nodules. They are tiny. Here’s hoping you get to have six months without doctors. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. For me, I am thankful to be able to ready your blog every day, and thankful to call you a friend.

  12. So glad you had family to keep you company on the ride and the wait. I really enjoyed seeing the snow out your car window as you traveled to Mayo. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and I know you are in a holding pattern but safe. It will be nice to not have any more doctor appointments as Christmas is just around the corner. Nice to see that Karl was still home.

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