Doctor Appointment and Check Up

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for.  Ever since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March, I’ve waited for this day.  It’s progress report day…or lack of progress report.  I’ve been waiting and wondering which it will be.

Last month I was in a saw my surgeon who took out my thyroid.  He explained that this time when I came they’d be doing an ultra sound to check to make sure there was no spreading of cancer to the surrounding lymph nodes and that my tumor marker had gone down.

Previously my tumor marker was at 2.1.  Over two means there’s a more likely chance that cancer can reoccur…under 2 means less likely to reoccur.  If it was at 10 she would have me repeat the radio active iodine treatment.  It’s a number that we’ll be watching for the rest of my life…that and my thyroid levels now that I no longer have a thyroid.

This week I’ve been working on sewing a few string blocks for my Blue Skies quilt.  I thought I could pull the papers off while we were traveling to Lacrosse.  Ripping papers is really relaxing which is exactly what I needed.


So here’s what we found out at the doctor’s appointment.

ALL GOOD NEWS!!  My cancer marker is listed as undetectable.  The ultrasound came back clean.  No cancer is in my nymph nodes.  This is the very best report I could have ever had.  We were so happy…so VERY happy.

From here we move on to March.  At that point I have to redo some of the tests.  Remember when I had to eat the low-iodine diet and had to have a whole body scan?  Well I’ll have to do that again.  Last time along with doing the low iodine diet I had the option to go off my thyroid medication or to take shots.  Taking the shots meant several extra trips to Lacrosse and a couple more days off of work.  I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone so I opted to go off my meds.  That was completely miserable for me.  This time, I am opting to take the shots.  I don’t want to go hyperthyroid.

So, even though I’m in the clear for a bit here I won’t get the very best clean bill of health until I can pass through that set of tests too.  If I can, then I only have to go back yearly…that’s the hope.

While I’m doing an update here, I can tell you I’m walking 95% of the time now.  My surgery site doesn’t hurt a bit…the rest of my foot is still somewhat tight and uncomfortable.  The swelling is still a bit of an issue too.  I’ve graduated up and can now where two pair of my shoes.  Both are tennis shoes so I’m definitely not stylish, but at this point…I’ll take any shoe that fits.  Little by little it gets better.  I’ve been toying with going to the chiropractor this week to see if she can help with some of the discomfort in my foot…we’ll see.

As we were driving home from Lacrosse Kalissa called and said-Hey let’s celebrate your health!  I was up for my day was the best day…good news at the doctor and a little Grandma time.


Looking at him and realizing that I have more time with him in my life was the best…the very best….Happy news all around!

Thanks to everyone who thought happy thoughts or said a prayer for me through all of the this.  I really appreciate it.

33 thoughts on “Doctor Appointment and Check Up”

  1. So glad to hear this news for you. My sister is a five year survivor of melanoma this year. That is the best news a person can have!

  2. Excellent news on all accounts! So very happy for you and your lovely family and glad you got to share the happy time with Carver.

  3. Kristy Wilkinson

    Very glad to hear this! So glad you could celebrate with your grandson. Thanks for all you share with us, your life and your time as well as your wonderful quilting adventures. K-

  4. Hurray!! Hmm, “nymph nodes” – might be something I could use to get me back to being slender…
    Carver looks so precious in your arms. Glad your foot is doing better. Might want to ask your foot dr. what he thinks about chiropractic just now. He might say wait another month or two.
    I love those yellow string blocks.

  5. So glad to hear your good news. Wishing you continued healing on all fronts. I really look forward to reading your blog each day. You are such an upbeat person. Enjoy that new bundle of joy. Being a grandparent is the best ever!

  6. Jo you’ve left me in tears. I’m so happy for you, health, happiness and getting to be a grandma! Life is good. This month I’m 11 yrs out from my breast cancer diagnosis, my son was 6 back then. My dream was to see him graduate and that’s happening in June, I’ll get my wish. Now my next goal is to be a grandma. I only have my son, so it’s many years off. Congratulations on your great news!

    1. Wonderful for you. It’s amazing how sweeter life is once you’ve seen that it really won’t last for forever. Here’s to graduations, grand babies and so much more for you!!

  7. Jo I am so happy for you. Years ago I
    also had radio active iodine to district my
    Thyroid. It’s a bum sometimes to get
    Your thyroid med regulated. That little
    Grand needs you and nothing brings
    More joy than they do

  8. So happy for you and your family. Now let’s hope that that foot gets better.
    I am always enjoying your quilting, quilts and tales with the children!

  9. So, so happy for such good news! i just smiled and smiled looking at the beautiful picture of you and Carver, with him looking up at you! Blessings!

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