Do Kalissa and Jo Look Alike??

Kalissa and I were goofing around the other day…

She was telling me that she was mistaken for me.  HA!!  It really did happen.  I’m 55…Kalissa is 25, soon to be 26.  How could she have been mistaken for me??

We decided to take a picture together, first this picture…

Then this picture…

When I went to the hospital with Kelli to see the babies, someone thought I was Kelli’s sister.  Nope.  I’m the grandma.  Kalissa keeps telling me I look younger and younger as I age.  I don’t really see that and honestly, even though in these particular pictures we do kind of look alike, I don’t think we actually do.  Feel free to chime in.

Kalissa was over as she was consulting me with her T-shirts.  She wanted to make a shirt that might appeal to cross-stitchers and quilters.  I had told her that when I did T-shirts the most popular one was “Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin”.  She asked if I minded if she redid the design.  I said I didn’t mind a bit.  This is what she came up with…

I love it.  She did AWESOME with the graphic.  I love that line of the “B” and “t” are made with a needle and the thread creates the loops around…SO CLEVER!! You can buy it here:

She also ordered another round of Bloom Where You are Planted shirts.  The first batch sold out right away and she’s had put in an order to get more printed.  They are finally in but already selling fast.

Bloom Where You're PLANTED Graphic Tee Flower Tee image 4

She never dreamed shirts would take off as they have.

She said she had several people ask for v-neck shirts.  She had some of the “Bloom Where You’re Planted” printed in v-neck but the supply is limited.  If you want to know more about the shirts you can find her HERE on Etsy.

Kalissa is always looking for suggestions or saying for shirts so feel free to leave a comment here.  She’ll come and read them and if you have questions, she’ll answer them too.

Do feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you think we look alike!!


Kalissa here: There is an ERROR in this blog post – the LESS BITCHIN’ MORE STITCHIN’ shirt is NOT available on my Etsy – you can buy it HERE:

I’m testing out different platforms for selling so I tried something new!

I look forward to packaging your orders! Mom and I are sorting through your shirt suggestions – you’ve got us giggling :)

36 thoughts on “Do Kalissa and Jo Look Alike??”

  1. I have most definitely thought from earlier pictures that the two of you look very much alike and could definitely be thought of as sisters. Such cheery, bright, beautiful faces!

  2. Yes, you do look alike. Jo, color your hair a little Blonde and you’d be her sister. I have many sayings I use each day, but I doubt they would sell much. I’ll keep thinking though for some good ones.

  3. You look like sisters, not mother and daughter. I am 15 plus years older than you and have pure white hair, my daughter is 36 and has dark hair we never get mistaken for sisters just mother and daughter. How about a saying something like, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. That was my FIL favorite saying, he was the kindness person I have ever known.

    1. You are very youthful looking, Jo. I would say your daughters all bear a resemblance to you, but I’m different ways. In these picks I notice that your eyes and noses are very similar. Cute new design! Blessings!

  4. You and Kalissa certainly do look alike. I also think you and Kelli and Kayla look somewhat the same, at least I see you in them. All pretty gals and I think their smiles increase their beauty.

  5. You and Kalissa could be sisters easily. You have very similar glasses which emphasizes how much you resemble each other. Nice shirts! !

  6. Love the “Less Bitchin….” shirt. I went to her Etsy shop but don’t see it there. Could you have her email me when she gets those in?

    Thank you!

  7. Beverly Douglas

    Yes you look alike but I don’t think I’d mistake one for the other on the street. Maybe sisters. You do wear your age very well! Love the shirts. This is kind of long, but I’d love to have “If you didn’t want to juggle, you shouldn’t have joined the circus” on a shirt. One of my favorite sayings for people who complain about their job.

  8. Yep, you look very much alike! There’s a strong family resemblance among you all.

    Jo, when I was growing up there was a lot of comment about how much I looked like my dad. Every time someone mentioned it, he poked me and said, “What do you say?” and I knew to reply, “Thank you!”

    It always got a laugh, but it was true! Now I look like his mom when she was my age.

  9. You look alike, but not identical. I think the resemblance is that your faces are shaped alike, and the noses are the same. It’s a good thing to not show your age!

  10. One of my favorite sayings is ” to quilt is human…. to finish is devine” . I suppose you could change it up to ” to cross stitch is human….to finish is devine.

  11. I will think about the shirts. I personally like just a few words. Kalissa is doing a good job. Happy Creating

  12. My oldest daughter and I get taken as sisters. When I corrected a customer they said “Who’s the mom and who’s the daughter?” My daughter has more gray hair than me…(lol) I’m 62 and she’s 44. It’s kind of nice to be thought of that way. You both do look like sisters …

  13. Definately all peas from the same pod,a family that stays together grows together,love hearing about you all and would love you as neighbours.
    how about “Age is only a Number “

  14. My church quilts for LWR and when quilting day rolls around, I always say, “Quilting With the Lutherans.” I know you probably have many Lutheran followers that might enjoy a shirt like that. I would. Its pretty specific but for a first run, it might sell well. And yes, you do look alike! Great job on the shirts!

    Here’s one
    “Getting Old is not for Sissies”

  15. Our local elementary school has a banner out that I appreciate every time I drive by. It says “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

  16. Yes, you look alike and I agree that you don’t show your age. You have a young attitude!

    Cheryl’s “Sews Over Pins” is hilarious. Quilting with the Lutherans is great too. If I think of one I’ll let you know!

  17. I’m wearing the original “Less bitchin’ more stitchin’ shirt today! It’s one of my favorites. Just ordered a new one! Love your blog, Jo. You are such a special lady!

  18. Jo, I’ve though you look much younger since you’ve grown your hair longer…not always the case for folks, but I definitely think it is in your case. You two definitely have very similar facial features…lucky girl, she’ll look young for a long time!

  19. Allison C Bayer

    Ya’ll are just darlin’!! I’m sure someone has already mentioned this for a shirt, but how about “One block short of a quilt” Can’t tell you how many times that happens to me. Where on earth did that one block go?

  20. You do look a lot alike. I would like to suggest you have some shirts made in “spring” colors. Especially, the green color like grass is hard to find. Winter colors always seem to be the favorite colors clothes are made in. I I really enjoy both of your blogs.

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