Do it yourself onions…Really?

A few days ago when I was at Wal-mart, I decided to purchase my onions and potato sets.  I will get more onion sets before I am done but they didn’t have more varieties…I garden shop will.  At least this is a start.


I got to the check out and a young girl was there.  I put my things on the counter and she stopped when she saw the onions.  She said to me, “What are these?…Are these like do it yourself onions?…WOW, that is really cool!”

I was dumb struck…Really?  Do kids these days not even know a onion can be grown in a garden?  Did she really think it was a “do it yourself kit”?  I honestly didn’t know how to reply so finally I just said, “Yes.  It is cool.  I grow lots of different vegetables in my garden.”

Her comment…”Cool.”

Wow….that’s all I can say about the whole experience…I am dumbstruck.

8 thoughts on “Do it yourself onions…Really?”

  1. Hmm, I think of tomatoes, herbs, salad and cucumber as backyard garden, and onions and potatoes as farming… and I’m somewhat surprised that Walmart stocks supplies for the latter. But, I live in a urban area where Walmart is not a dominant retailer, and growing roots is unwise due to lead contaminated soils.

  2. LOL! I work at Walmart with some girls like this so your comment was unsurprising but very funny. Do it yourself kits! :-D I still remember living in the country and growing fresh veggies – nothing like them!

  3. I love the comments made by some checkers but this is probably the best! How fun that you will never forget this. I need to get some of those do it yourself kits before they are all gone!

  4. I’ve noticed that MILK is often not said to come from cows – there seems to be efforts to distance the product from the animal! So many of our fool-like products are not really food, I guess the kids might not even know the difference.???

    That was an interesting experience! Poor girl.

  5. Well, my littlest kids are convinced that cow milk is for cows and people milk is for people…. I’m tired of trying to convince them where that milk in the fridge comes from! Eggs, on the other hand, definitely come from chickens. Maybe we need to get a cow?

  6. And we wonder why so much of our food is packaged and processed nowadays…its because people don’t know or care where food really comes from! I will now climb down from my soapbox and returnto daily life… ;)

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