Dixie Update

Kelli was home on Saturday so Dixie, our foster dog, got to meet Kelli’s dog, Puppycat.  I don’t know what it was, but Dixie seemed to “come to life” upon meeting Puppycat.  She chased, she wagged, she barked.  All things that we had never seen her do before.


We thought and figured and figured and thought and finally came to the conclusion that the change was probably because Puppycat isn’t fixed.  Dixie completely ignores Ruby…and Ruby ignored Dixie.  That was not at all true with Puppycat and Dixie.

One of our goals is to make Dixie as adoptable as possible and to help her develop habits that a family would like.  We think most families want a dog that will snuggle or lay on the couch with them.  Kelli was all for helping Dixie become a “couch dog”.

Of course Puppycat and Ruby wanted attention too!


On Sunday Karl decided that Dixie needed to learn to “play x-box”?!  So he worked on that.


Me..I’ve been working with her to get her to walk on a leash a little better, be house trained, not jump up…

All in all she is doing great.  She’s had a couple accidents but for the most part she’s really good on house training.  She’s wonderful on a leash now.  We can let her outside with out a leash now and she’ll do her business and come back in.  The standing on her hind legs and sniffing the table is something we’re working on, but she’s getting much better at.

She really will make a wonderful dog for a family….I just hope we can find a family for her.

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  1. I am so happy that she is progressing. If you have a farm store in your town and they allow dogs on leases then try taking her in there so she is learning to interact with strangers as well. We adopted our forever dog a little after then 3 month cutoff for socializing and that is what I do. I take treats with me and if someone wants to approach I explain what we are doing and offer them a treat to give my dog. I explain that he will take it with the greatest of ease. Good luck and thanks for the updates and the work you are doing for Dixie.

  2. I would love to know how to train a dog to not jump up to the table (not on the table, thank goodness) just paws up and curious. If you have any ideas, other than mousetraps, please let me know. We don’t want to take the chance of him getting hurt with the mousetrap idea.

  3. Cute bunch of beagles! We love our hounds here too. Lost our sweet little tiny rabbit beagle rescue Sadie in 2010. Smart dogs just give it time. They do so want to please. Just want to say Ruby could be putting out her..this is my place and you are not welcome ‘scent’! ;-) ! Puppy Cat is just a visitor. Hope it works out and Dixie finds her a forever home soon.

  4. it was a beagle-fest! love it, love it, love it! glad you got the thread issue worked out. i was dealing with that a couple days ago. got it straightened out then my longarm decided to act up. turns out it probably needs a new motor so i’m boxing it up and sending it off to the factory. lousy timing, with the holidays and all, but it has to be done!

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