Dixie Finds a Home

Last week on Thursday I got an email from the Humane Society saying that someone had questions about Dixie, our foster dog.  I emailed back some information and crossed my fingers.  The lady got back to me and said she was checking with her husband.  I was really hopeful.

Then about 45 minutes later I got an email that said someone completely different had seen Dixie on the site and wanted her…Ya-hoo!!  I ended up calling the lady and she made arrangements to come on Sunday.    We had a busy-busy weekend here but I was determined to be available.

Saturday the kids were home so everyone was loving up on Dixie.


Left to right here on the couch is Kalissa, Puppycat, Ruby and Dixie.

Here is Kelli with Dixie.

Then we got a phone call from the lady who wanted to come and see Dixie.  The weather was suppose to be bad on Sunday so she wanted to know if she could come on Saturday…SURE!!

A few short hours later Jane and her daughter Jordan came and got Dixie.

I am happy to report that Dixie will be living in central Iowa on a farm on a dead end road.  Jane has 7 hours of lawn to mow so Dixie is going to have LOTS of space to run.  She’s also going to have playmates…a yorkie poo and chocolate lab mix.

We are so happy for Dixie…We had a great experience fostering Dixie and if the right dog comes along, we likely do it again.

7 thoughts on “Dixie Finds a Home”

  1. I recognized Chain Of Faith and Carolina Christmas on the couch but I’m not sure about the blue quilt. Is is Blue Ridge Beauty? That photo is classic cuddling material! You could make it a Christmas card.

  2. What a wonderful Christmas gift for Dixie as well as Jane and Jordan!!! Sounds like a perfect forever home for her…Jordan is obviously taken with her and she doesn’t seem to be putting up a fight!! Hard for you because I know how quickly you get attached, even when you know it is just a short time. What a lovely gift you gave Dixie by fostering her and getting her ready for her forever home.

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