Dish Towel Challenge

The girls and I were thrifting and shopping last week.  We happened along a garage sale that had a stack of embroidery transfers.  I love embroidery.  I always have.

To this day, I still remember my mom teaching me.  I was about five and the first thing I stitched was a pillow case.  My stitches were awful.  I still have the case and when I look at it I can’t figure out if I should admire it as the work of a five year old or laugh at the poor work.  Looking at it I am always so amazed at the cross stitch samplers that were done by girls who were eight years old….Regardless, my instilled a love of embroidery in me.

Kayla ended up buying the stack of embroidery transfers…if she hadn’t I likely would have..or Kelli would have.  All of us enjoy embroidery.

As we drove away from the sale we started talking.  I lamented about my regret for never having stitched a set of “days of the week towels”.  The girls both lamented that they would like to stitch a set too.  Right about then we started talking….Maybe we should remedy this.  Maybe we should all stitch a set.

Then Kelli said-“Hey Mom-how about you announce on the blog that we are going to stitch a set?  I was thinking if we do one each month for the rest of the year we’d have a set stitched.”  Hmmmm.  That’s an idea.  It’s one I might be able to do.

I didn’t even remember what I had and didn’t have…I didn’t know if I had towels.  Hmmm…I hate committing to something on the blog because you readers usually keep me honest and working on a project.  You keep me accountable.  Knowing that, it’s a big commitment.  I don’t want to fail.

Well I was inspireed enough to dig out my embroidery basket…which happens to be a picnic basket.

Well it looks like I was working on a towel….that’s good news.  Part of June is already passed- so should I commit- I’d have a start on a dish towel.

embroidery-2 that the set I really want to make. Yes….But there are so many details on the transfer.  Maybe I should pick an easier set of transfers…Maybe..but the other one is started and I like it.  Maybe I should stitch on that doesn’t have the days of week on it.  Then I won’t have the “wrong towel out on the wrong day”.  Oh I don’t know.

To commit or not to commit…that’s the question?  Should I or shouldn’t I?  I am fifty years old.  Time is ticking away…if I ever want to stitch a set in my life, I better start.  RIGHT??

My heart says YES…my brain says-When are you ever going to find time for that?

I am reservedly saying yes….  Oh what the heck..Yes.  I’ll give it a try…and then in through the door comes Kelli.  She has another stack of embroidery patterns to look through and a different style of towel.


About five years ago I drew out a set of towels….we bought the towels to stitch them and never did.  Hmmm…now what should do?

Kelli already had one of these traced onto the towel.  This design seems a little easier.  As I’m writing..I still haven’t made a decision.  All I know is that I’m going to try to work on one of them.

Is anyone interested in joining us?  I sure hope you’re better at making a decision that I am.  Sometimes I thinks it’s lack of skills in decision making that prevents me from doing some things.

Stay tuned to see which one I pick…or if I actually do it.  I sure want to!

20 thoughts on “Dish Towel Challenge”

  1. I taught my oldest daughter how to embroider when she was 5 years old. A potholder was her first project. She did a great job! I did do some days of the week towels as a young adult! I do have a small collection of embroidery patterns and long to do another set!

  2. I go to a monthly group called Knotty Girls at a local quilt shop that has a good section of embroidery. We have show and tell and learn new stitches. Plus just have a good time. I have a set of kitten days of the week that I got many many years ago at a garage sale. Love them.

  3. I’m in! I have embroider transfers from my mom, and I love embroidery! I’m not interested in days of thenweek towels, I don’t need seven dishtowels, but I have a set of pillowcases to finish.

  4. Sherry Whalen

    I know what you mean about making decisions! I think that is why I end up with UFOs – their is usually a decision to be made – sashing, borders, how I want to quilt it, etc so I ‘save’ it for later and start something new and TADA! a UFO is born. But I know this about me so I really try to schedule in some ‘deciding’ time to work on them. I am working on a kind of embroidery, I am needlepointing (and I am so slow) a Christmas stocking for our grandson who was born in January…and now I found out we will have 2 more grands by this Christmas, one in October and one in December and they will need stockings as well! I think I had better forgo dishtowels in favor of stockings!

  5. I love to embroider and am working on a project through my embroidery guild so I won’t be joining in. Go for it!!! I love to work on mine while my hubby is watching tv.

  6. You said that your 5 year old stitches were awful. Well…. my 10 year old knots were awful. My mom had my sister and I do a dish towel each for my grandmother one Christmas. I had glass and she had china. Of course mine was not done until the end – day before end – and a wash of the towel to make it pretty for wrapping revealed that many many of the threads popped to the front, knots that did not hold or perhaps never made. Well I had to give it as it was and I have NO interest in embroidery to this day.

    When would you do some embroidery – nap time!! A bit at a time gets the job done.

  7. Oh my goodness! My 1st embroidery project I was about 5 years old too! I’ve sewed or embroidered all my life. I couldn’t embroider for a few years after my Mother passed away without crying. She loved to embroider. When she lost her eyesight she missed embroidering. I embroider when I don’t have binding to work on in the evening. I’d say……go for it. And a simple embroidery block would be a good BOM! I’m thinking on it.

  8. I love embroidered vintage tea towel designs, but I don’t care for the towels themselves. I prefer a terry cloth type towel for drying dishes and wiping spills. A few years ago I embroidered the Aunt Martha “Kitten Chores” designs on plain fabric and turned them into a quilt. Maybe the theme of your Sitich Along could be about repurposing embroidered tea towels. I”ll bet your readers have some very creative ideas.

  9. Oh I love embroidery and counted cross stitch. Mom, now 84, taught me at 12, I used the dish towels that came in a box Duz, (I think) laundry soap, back in the 60’s. I’m a CA. dairy Working on a set of pillowcases. I also do machine embroidery. It keeps me sane. ha

  10. Anne Deedrick

    I’m in! But I’ll be embroidering a baby quilt for one of my grandsons (he’s already 9 months old)! I have all the materials I just need to jump in and start it!

  11. I’m in too! Right now I’m finishing blanket stitching vintage butterfly quilt blocks…4 left and then I can set them into a 6×7 block quilt…hurray…it’s been about a 6 year project!! I love handwork and it was my grandma who taught me…pillowcases were my first project …hated stitching the second! Thanks for the inspirations!

  12. I have tried to do cross stitch so many times but truthfully I don’t enjoy it so I have moved on. I do appreciate those that have the talent and would much rather buy from them at crafty events. My mother has a huge stock pile of those towels and when she downsized didn’t each of her kids get as many as we wanted. Love that they were once hers and I have my own stock pile now. Happy cross stitching.

  13. My first try at these was when I was about 5 or 6. The cotton fabric was cheap and hard to work on. I haven’t wanted to make another set!!!

  14. I just put together a penny rug together to stitch on at night. I love embroidery too, but my quilting will always be my first love.

  15. I’m in! I love embroidered dish towels. My MIL has kept me in beautiful embroidered dish towels for 30 years. Alas, she doesn’t enjoy making them anymore and mine are just about worn out, but I can’t bare to toss them. I’ve never made any. but I think you’ve given me the push I need.

  16. I say go for it. I have a pillow case I need to finish and I am getting ready to start a large embroidery quilt from Crabapple Hill. Life is too short to worry about how many UFO’s you have. My mom taught me to embroider when I was about 5 and I made some blocks for a doll quilt and she made some. I still have that quilt. Yes,my embroider was rather pathetic but I was only 5. I have embroidered many towels and other patterns. I currently have two sets of embroidered panels for quilts. Go for it.

  17. It looks like you started a Sunbonnet Sue pattern. I think the Rooster pattern looks more fun. Also – it looks like a simpler design – maybe it would be faster to complete?

  18. I have a set of towels I embroidered when I was a teen. They are “too good to use” everyday. “I’m saving them.” I actually embroidered a set for all my sister’s and all my husband’s nieces when they got married. I love to embroider dish towels. If I have any towels kicking around, I will join you:)

  19. I remember when we were kids there were embroidered towels with our handprints and names on them maybe that’s something you want to do since u have a grandbaby coming… Trace their hand and stitch their name and birth year… Fun fun lol

  20. Hand embroidery is not my thing, however, I greatly admire those done by hand. My machine has the embroidery unit, and I do want to make some towel sets. They will be great to have on hand for gifts. I think you should go for it. Once you start, I think you’ll be hooked and continue to make them!!

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